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Art – #HPStreetArt tour #ReinventingMemories

August 23, 2016

The other week I was invited to participate in an Alternative Street Art tour of Shoreditch and the East End. The idea was to go around the East side of London, learn a few things about the history of places, look and photograph some street art and then have a go at printing our amazing pics on the new smallest all-in-one printer.

And that my friends, is exactly what we did. Doug from Alternative London was our street art guru for the day and after meeting up at Shoreditch High Street station, took us around to our first stop, Brick Lane. On the way we managed to see a few bits here and there, as there’s always art everywhere, be it in the shape of stickers, paste-ups or graffiti, and all the mixed media pieces in between.

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Art – How I got into street art

June 17, 2016

Anyone who has known me for a long time knows that I used to be an artist. Or at least dabble in a few things, having participated in exhibitions and worked as a colourist and animator in a previous life. In recent years, I got myself a “real job” and started focusing my attention and time on the blog and didn’t draw as much. The blog and the photos I had been taking for it became my main creative outlet. At the same time, I’ve always been fascinated by street art and the thrill of finding interesting and fun details, all the creative stencils, stickers or graffiti. This is something I’ve enjoyed for many years, having done many a street art hunting when I was still living in Lisbon.

However, for some reason, and although I really loved street art, I was always on the outside, looking in. Apart from one night back in 2009, when I went out with friends, armed with black gaffer tape and a pair of scissors and vandalised a few traffic signs in downtown Lisbon (see one of them here), I never really felt like I could participate. No particular reason, just never felt like I could get involved, maybe due to shyness, etc.


This year, that changed, along with a lot of other things in my life. I realised that no one is stopping me from doing anything except myself, so I set off to change that. I know that so far I’ve only done a bunch of silly stickers but I’ve been enjoying it a lot, both sticker bombing and doing more street art hunting. I have to admit that occasionally I think to myself that I’m a silly old woman, that I probably appear ridiculous for doing this at my age. But then I tell myself to snap out of it and just do the things I enjoy and not really care what others think. If someone doesn’t like it they can look the other way – after all, “I’m not a dollar bill to be liked by everyone”. I have to say as well that many people on Instagram have been extremely supportive and I have made some good street art friends and started doing sticker and art swaps with other artists. A great sense of community!

So far I have made a few different stickers, always with variations on the same character, and I plan to expand the artwork into small prints to paste-up. Hopefully just in time for my next Berlin trip, that street art paradise! Recently I had a new set of stickers made, as well as a trial run of badges. These are made of vinyl and a lot more resistant than my previous paper ones. I had a load of fun creating the artwork on Illustrator – I had to sort of relearn it as I hadn’t used it for years but it was well worth it, don’t you think? The badges also look great and have a lovely matte finish. I’m definitely having some more made and will come up with more designs.

I can’t wait to do so much more – I only wish I had more time…

Disclaimer: This latest sticker set and badges have kindly been provided by Camaloon, words and opinions are my own. Check out their Instagram and Twitter accounts for great printing inspiration. Also, thanks to my good friend Roger for modelling my badge on his extra stylish jacket!

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Art – Oslo Street Art Photo Diary

March 28, 2016

I’m still working through a backlog of nice photos that I haven’t shared here yet. These were taken with my phone (Samsung Edge S6) when I was wandering the streets of Oslo back in September. As someone who appreciates street art, I couldn’t have left these cool photos out. I have no idea who the artists are (except maybe for one of them) so if you have any inkling of who made these, please drop me a comment. Enjoy!


Pez from Barcelona

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Style – Joy to the world

March 23, 2016

Recently I headed down to South London and had a great time taking photos of my friend Ross (will share these when they can go public) and exploring an area of town that I’d never visited before. These skate parks are great to be used as backdrops for photo shoots and it was amusing that we weren’t the only ones who had the same idea. Regardless, there was enough room for everyone and even managed to snap a few photos of a couple of random girls, who asked us to take their photo. I obviously had to step in and take one with my camera.







What else is new? Not much, except for the fact that I’ve gone back to work full time and things are slowly going back to normal. I’ve been busy with creative projects as much as possible, focusing on the things that I love doing. I also wrote and illustrated something about social media for bloggers for Talented Talkers and a piece on illustrated Vogue covers for the new online magazine for bloggers Bloggeration (of which I am now art editor, yay!).



Seems like we caught Robbo working on his piece of art!


There will be more exciting things to share but all in due time… For now, just enjoy the street art and I hope you like my new Spring dress (I can’t get over how cute the hearts on the collar are).

PicMonkey Collage



Outfit details: Beret – American Apparel; Dress – c/o Joy; Shoes – Repetto; Jacket – Morrissey merchandising.





this was a really nice day out and I loved doing photos at this place. What other spots would you recommend in London for photo shoots that I should try?

PS: A big thank you to Ross for snapping my photos and finding this amazing place!

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Art – Berlin Street Art

January 1, 2016

Happy New Year! As I am spending a couple of weeks in Germany for the holidays, I thought I’d share some not yet before seen pics I took of street art in Berlin a few months back. I am hoping to have a few new ones to share after I get back in the new year as I will be spending a few days there as well.

Berlin is a great city and there is some amazing street art to be seen, everywhere! I am afraid I don’t have any details about who the artists are so if you know something about who the creators of these pieces are, please let me know in the comments! In the meantime, enjoy all the colour and sense of humour!

Warning: this is an image heavy post.

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