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Night at the Bowling Alley

October 11, 2013

Last week my friend David was visiting as he always does every 3 months (he works for the same company in Lisbon and has to come in regularly for meetings) and I thought we should do something different. As I’ve only been bowling once before, it could be a fun experience. I was right and we both had a great time at Tenpin in Grantham.

We went in, bought a few games, got our special bowling shoes and after a few Big Lebowski jokes – talking like Jesus, the John Turturro character and pretending to polish our bowling balls – we got to play. As we are no pros, we played it with the barriers up so that makes it easier – at least the chances of actually hitting something are higher.

Strike! (I wish)

Picking a bowling ball for me is really easy – being petite (the nice way of saying I’m a hobbit) means I can’t lift the heavier ones, not to mention throwing them down the bowling alley.

We were very well treated by the staff, who were extremely nice and courteous. We even got the manager to explain the rules of scoring, about which we were very confused!

Outfit details: Braided Headband – H&M, Angora Cropped Cardigan – H&M (via Ebay), Dress – Target (from one of my Florida expeditions), Shoes – Irregular Choice, Bowling Ball – Tenpin’s own.

After 3 games of bowling we decided we still wanted to have more fun and played Dance Dance Revolution. For those who have no idea what it is, I’ll explain: You have a screen and a panel on the floor with “sensitive” tiles (they feel you stomping on them , the poor things). You have to listen to the music and follow the cues given on the screen of which tiles you should be stepping on. We danced to Billy Ocean and Duran Duran as they seemed to be the most mellow songs on there. Being totally unfit and inexperienced, we figured it would be the safest choice. Nonetheless we had a laugh playing it and I can tell you it was a proper workout. I’m not surprised that some of my friends use their home versions to do some cardio exercising. I can tell you it’s a lot more fun than the gym! Maybe I should get myself one too…

Do you go bowling often? How about Dance Dance Revolution, have you tried it yourself?


Office Looks – Totally Inappropriate looks for the office

September 9, 2013

As it has become a habit, here is another installment of Office Looks. This time the main theme is band tees. I am not wearing the same on both looks but the idea is similar. Band tees/ logos are probably the only brand logos I don’t have a problem with. Maybe this is because I’ve always worn band t-shirts since I was old enough to go to a shop and buy my own clothes. At the time because as with all teenage kids, wearing a tee of your favourite band told the world who you were – punk, heavy metal, whatever. I also like to buy band tees when I attend shows- It is a nice way of supporting the band as I rarely buy albums these days.

This brings me to the logo discussion: I like designer clothes as much as the next person but I am not too keen on paying to advertise someone else’s brand on my chest/ bag/ whatever. Although there can be exceptions if a logo for example is actually graphically interesting, I find that the whole logo culture is quite boring and uninteresting. For the majority of cases, it appeals to individuals who are more interested in flaunting how much they have spent on their clothes rather than their taste.  This reminds me of the trend in some circles, of wearing expensive items and leaving the tag on them to show how much it cost. It is of very poor taste, not to mention stupid, as it’s not that clever to throw your money out unnecessarily. To me it also shows lack of imagination, with so many nice things you can pick up to make you look individual, why wear something like that? I await your two cents on this matter. In the meantime, here are the outfits!

Outfit details: Bow – H&M, Black Lace Blazer – H&M (on sale), Baby Pink Tutu Skirt – Olsenboye at JC Penney, Joy Division Tee – Ebay, Green Bag – Target, Grey Tights – Primark, Hearts and Stars Shoes – Office (via Ebay), Metal Bow Bracelet – H&M (on sale)

Outfit Details: Cats Head Scarf – Zara, Denim Jacket – Blanco (swap with Lili), Die Antwoord Tee – Ebay, Leather Look Skirt – American Apparel (present from my friend Linda), Red Shoes – From a Chinese shop in Lisbon, many years ago.

Happy Monday everyone and don’t forget to join the party over at Patti’s Visible Monday.





I may not look like much, but I’m an expert at pretending to be a ninja.

May 6, 2013

And that’s what I did the other day, with my newly acquired Jika – Tabi shoes I got from Ebay! Have you ever heard of tabi shoes before? They look bizarre don’t they? Some people commented they look like hooves, others were just perplexed and looked at me like I am crazy and it didn’t matter explaining that they are actually quite common in Japan. That’s right, they’re actually common work shoes in the land of the Rising Sun! They were invented in the 20th Century but were modeled after the traditional tabi socks, that divide and separate the big toe from the rest of its toe brothers. In case you are wondering, they are quite comfortable but would be best worn with tabi socks underneath, not tights like I did.

I was so happy to finally receive the shoes that I wanted to wear them the next day so quite unusually, I planned my outfit the previous night and drew it on the computer:

That was fun, I should do it more often! And this is what it looked like in real life:

And the details are…. *drumroll* : Bauble hat – Neiman Marcus collection for Target (on sale),  Peplum Skirt – Ebay, Navy Top – Joules, thrifted on my trip to StamfordTights – Primark, Tabi Shoes – Ebay

I’m linking this up to Patty’s Visible Monday at Not Dead Yet Style as there’s nothing more inconspicuous than a strange pair of footwear.


Office looks

April 27, 2013

As posting outfit photos hastily taken at the office parking lot is somehow becoming a bit of a habit, I thought I’d inaugurate a new Saturday feature called ‘Office Looks’, in which I share my totally inappropriate looks for the office. Like I said last week, I dread the day I will have to tone down my outfit silliness for the sake of work. For now and while I can, I’ll make the most of it.

As the weather is finally getting nicer, I thought I’d share the last of the Winter looks I have shot by Frankie, my lunchtime photographer so next week I can move on to nicer weather gear. The common theme with this one is obviously the jacket. It is grey as the weather and I like it a lot,  I’ve been wearing it quite often.

Details: Jacket – Zara (trade with Lili), Jumper – Gharani Strok (via TK Maxx), Skirt – H&M Trend (via Ebay), Boots – Office (via Ebay), Bag – Target (from my latest trip to Florida), Beret – It belonged to my Mum in the 80’s.

The boots are really high and I can’t walk all that well in them – although they are marked my size, they are a tad too big. Sadly, I may have to let them go because of this. If you wear a UK size 6 and are interested let me know as they might fit you properly. I think Vix has similar ones in grey. (Oh, and they are black, although they look midnight bluey on the photo – I wish!)

Details – Jacket – Zara (trade with Lili), Dress – H&M Trend (via Ebay), Bag – Target, Tights – Primark, Boots – Irregular Choice (via Ebay), Scarf – Vintage Souvenir from Rome scarf,(thrifted in Florida)

How crazy are these? One of the silliest pair of shoes I own. And you know I own quite a few…

Anyway, I hope you like this new feature. Which outfit is your favourite?



Growl, says the leopard.

April 19, 2013

I dread the day I have a job that makes me tone down on my style. Today’s theme is leopard. I love leopard print and I have it in all forms – tights, shoes, jackets, dresses, knickers, you name it. If you have been following this blog for a while, you may have noticed it (except for the knickers). So here’s 2 outfits that have 2 things in common: the use of leopard print and the fact that the photos were snapped on my lunch break, by Frankie.

Details : Shoes – Jeffrey Campbell, Clutch – Vintage Fenwick, Dress– H&M, Angora Jumper – French Connection, all via Ebay. Coat – Bershka, Socks – retail.

And for some silly jumping photos:

Details: Shoes – River Island, Skirt – H&M, both via Ebay. Jumper – ASOS, Bag – Target, Hat – Dorothy Perkins, Shirt – George, Leopard Cape – C/o Mod Dolly.

How about you? Do you have to dress differently for work?