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At the British Museum

October 28, 2013

Last week I spent a few hours in London, hanging out with my friend Kristian and we decided it would be a good idea to stop by the British Museum. Finally, after my previous failed attempt a couple of months ago. The original plan was to see the Shunga exhibition but by the time we got there it was sold out for the day. We didn’t realize there would be so many perverts in London! (Shunga is traditional Japanese erotic art, in case you are wondering).

As we weren’t allowed to see the dirty stuff we just wandered around some parts of the museum (mainly the Greek antiquity) and of course I took some photos. We didn’t get to see all that much as we had already spent a few hours at the Wellcome collection (I only took photos with my phone there and now I regret it, so I’m not posting those as they’re not as good).


After seeing a few of these we started noticing that all the male statues had been mutilated. How silly is that?

Boobies! Just kidding! What drew my attention to these statues was the way the fabric was represented, made me want to see what they looked like when they were brand new and not missing bits. Incredible how the stone can look so light and pliable, just like fabric…

We also wandered around the Assyrian section and I enjoyed it immensely.

There was also this very wide hall, with statues from the Parthenon in Athens. Impressive sculptural pieces I must say!

Here we can see some smaller bronze pieces. I liked the detail and the way they stylized the hair on these gentlemen.

And what was I wearing, you ask? (Or maybe not, but lets pretend). I was wearing my lovely Welsh tapestry cape, that I picked up in Brooklyn a year ago. It is one of those items that make people stop to compliment and there was even this Welsh lady who told me she had never seen anything like it before! It was a success and a conversation starter. Everything else: Beret – it was my mum’s, from the 80’s, Cardigan – Vintage, picked up at a shop in Oxford, Dress – H&M, Tights – Ebay, Bag – TK Maxx, Shoes – Ted Baker (also via TK Maxx).

Well, I will have to go back to London some times soon to see the exhibition and hang out with more friends. Not like I need any excuses 🙂

This post was also shared at Style Crone, where Judith is having another Hat Attack party!


Office Looks – totally inappropriate looks for the office.

May 31, 2013

Today I should be getting back to England from my week of wonders in Florida. As usual I am most likely extremely tired, so here’s a couple of photos from last week at the office to last until I start posting bout all my USA adventures. The common denominator this time is the lovely light peach Reiss cardigan I got from Ebay. One of the best recent purchases, I must say.

I can’t resist a sailor collar!

Shoes – Office , Dalmatian Spots Dress – Topshop Unique, Cardigan – Reiss (all via Ebay), Bow – H&M, Spectacles – GokWan

“Look! OMG! My legs are shrinking!” – Black Beret – Dorothy Perkins (on sale), Dress – H&M (from a swap with Lili), Tights – Calzedonia, Shoes – Ted Baker (via TK Maxx), Cardigan – Reiss (via Ebay).

Funny story about the shoes: I had seen them quite a few times at the Ted Baker shop at Heathrow Airport and several times felt tempted to buy them but didn’t because: a) there’s just so much I am willing to pay for jelly shoes and it it wasn’t that much b) as I was about to travel, I didn’t want to arrive at my destination with my suitcase already full. What a great surprise to have found them at TK Maxx, heavily reduced and at a more convenient time! They were, it seems, destined to join the ranks of my shoe collection.

See you on the other side of the ocean.

PS: Yes, I’ve been fooling around  with the effects on Pic Monkey!



Week in Photos

May 19, 2013

Happy Sunday! Here’s what happened this week- I went back to work, went to London for the Super Blogger Masterclass (more on that tomorrow) and took photos of my shoes, as usual. Other than that, nothing too exciting happened. How has your week been?

Shoes  by Office, via Ebay.

At King’s Cross Station and the Wellcome Trust.

At the Cosmopolitan Super Blogger Masterclass.

Tofu curry nom nom nom.

Some more shoe love from this week – Jellies and Office boots from Ebay.

A 1940’s bed jacket I got from Kelly- Marie from A Harem of Peacocks, Ted Baker jellies.

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