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The Tattoo Files


The Tattoo Files – Fiona Morris

April 4, 2014

The Tattoo Files


Name Fiona Morris , Age  43 , Location Grantham

What was your first tattoo and how old were you when you got it?

Winged heart in the centre of my back just before my 38th birthday

Which one is your favourite?

Don’t really have a favourite tattoo, love them all, no regrets J

Some have meanings behind them, like my girl’s best friend and Rock of ages which is for my sister as she’s the strong one in the family and keeps us all together.

Rosie the riveter and poppies, bombs and soldiers grave, I wanted as a tribute to all those who sacrificed everything for us to have the freedom we do and to remember everyday.

The Tattoo Files

Do you feel that people look at you differently because you’re a tattooed woman?

I do get some unwanted attention from having tattoos, not sure if it’s because I’m a woman or just that some people don’t like ink.

I’ve had a unique dress style since my early teens so have always had people look at me differently, especially in a small town, so maybe I just don’t notice the looks anymore 😉

Strangely the older generation seem to be less concerned, I often get pensioners chatting about my 1940’s / 1950’s dress style and my tattoos don’t bother them.

The Tattoo Files

Do you want to get more ink? What would you get?

Definitely getting more ink, still got gaps!! My partner and I go to ET’s Tattoos in Norwich and book a few days each year.

Have some ideas, want flowers on my collar bones but otherwise not decided yet, always trying to find something unique to my lifestyle and personality.