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The Wandering Yellow Skirt


The Wandering Yellow Skirt

May 7, 2014


The Wandering Yellow skirt is an object d’art. It was put into circulation by Melanie from Bag and a Beret, and so it started its way around the world from Montreal, stopping around the US, Down Under and now had a little stroll around the UK. Every stop it makes, it gains a new marking, added by its latest wearer.

It has now landed on my doorstep and I had to do something with it, namely add my little bit and wear it in my own way. I can’t wait to see it when it’s fully covered in markings and designs added by other female bloggers. It will be a powerful symbol of female union and creativity, in my opinion.

IMG_8807 copy

The obligatory The Smiths reference, added by Curtise.

IMG_8805 copy

Bits added by Tamera and Jane…

IMG_8804 copy

… more bits by Amber and Anne the Spy Girl

IMG_8803 copy

Pride Rainbow!

IMG_8802 copy

All the bits and pieces added so far… including mine:

IMG_8801 copy

A piece of salted cod, something that’s very Portuguese, just like me!


The skirt will now be on its way over to the Netherlands, for its next stop around the world. I am grateful to have been part of this fantastic blogger/feminine/ artistic movement!