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My top 5 thrifty travel tips

May 9, 2014


After participating in the Great British Budget as an expert, I was contacted by Deal Checker, a travel search engine for a few tips on travelling on the cheap. As you know, I travel a lot and I’m not exactly a millionaire, so I’ve learned a few things here and there that might be useful for others. Here are my top 5 tips for travelling on the cheap:
  • Stay away from ‘tourist trap’ restaurants – they tend to charge more for lesser quality and you don’t really get the local vibe of the place.
  • Get a map and walk to places. You’ll get to see more and save on transportation.
  • If you can’t afford a hotel and enjoy the social aspect of travelling, try Couch Surfing. You get to meet interesting locals and you don’t have to pay, although a bottle of wine or a cake would be nice and courteous. Alternatively, there’s also Airbnb, which I use frequently.
  • Don’t be afraid to look stingy and bring your own food on the plane. You won’t be able to smuggle in any drinks due to the liquids restriction but you can get away with packets of biscuits or a couple of sandwiches.
  • Do your homework and find out in advance which museums are free. If it’s a big museum, you might be able to make a whole day out of it.
Read mine and everyone else’s tips on Deal Checker- they did a great looking free e-book that you can download! What are your tips for saving money when travelling?


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