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Be your own hero – U Star Novels review

November 13, 2014


Have you ever dreamed of starring in an action packed novel? Or maybe in a steamy romance? Or maybe you’d like to surprise your lover or your bestie? You can have all that with U Star Novels.

You can choose from a selection of hot steamy novels, classical literature or even books for kids and be the hero. For my trial, I selected Fever in France by Oliver Cook, described as a James Bond style story with some sexiness thrown in for good measure.

The process is very simple – when you select your preferred story, it prompts you to provide some personal details, such as eye colour, favourite cologne, favourite car, etc. Some of the books even allow you to pick a preferred cover and I picked a fairly discreet cover for this one.

I thought this process was a lot of fun and gave me a few laughs while imagining how they would turn out in the book. If you are getting it as a gift for a friend or your partner, you can also have a dedication written on the front page. How’s that for a perfect gift? If you are thinking of getting one of these books as a present, make sure you order a couple of weeks in a advance as it does take up to 10 days to be delivered. Also, if you are reading this in Australia or the US, they have dedicated websites where you can order from.

I’m planning on doing a couple of readings while getting cosy by the fire with a glass of wine. Oh, what fun it will be to read out loud some of the sections in the book to the boyfriend:

“He looked back up the hill, thinking about the black Mercedes that had driven away, it had obviously stopped at the scene. Had they driven off with Sara, or had she escaped up the bank and into the forest? E scrambled up the rough slope, he had to check. After searching for what seemed like an eternity he saw something lying in the dirt a few metres away. It was a pink piece of fabric and covered in dust; it was Sara’s bikini top. He picked it up and held it to his face, it smelt of Miss Coco Chanel, her favourite perfume.”

I know, right? Sounds much better than 50 Shades already, I can tell you.