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OOTD – I’m Much More Interesting on the Internet

April 13, 2015

Sometimes you find something so very amusing that you have to get it and make it part of your life – and that’s what happened with this t-shirt. I saw it somewhere and turned to Ebay immediately to get my own and was lucky enough to find it! The irony of it cannot be lost on a blogger, right?

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London, Style

Regimental Vintage photoshoot at St Dunstan’s

December 10, 2014


The other weekend saw me playing model for Regimental Vintage , purveyors of fine militaria and other vintage pieces. It was decided that we would try St Dunstan-in-the-East, an amazing building that owes its charm to the fact that it’s slightly crumbling, after some WW2 bombing. It’s an unusual place that transports you to another time, as it feels so removed from the rest of London. Funnily enough, a lot of other people had the same idea and were doing photoshoots in the same place, but fortunately there were enough interesting looking corners to go around for everyone.  Jasiminne was the photographer for the day and Henry and I got dressed and undressed in public (ooooh) to pose with the clothes for their ASOS Marketplace shop.  Continue Reading…


Three Vintage Dresses

May 16, 2014

 During my latest visit to Sheffield, where I met the amazing blogger gals, we visited Loulou’s Vintage Market and  purchased three dresses. As a few people demanded to see them and I do as I am told, here they are.  

Vintage 60's dress - pink polkadots

Vintage 60's dress - pink polkadots

Vintage 60's dress - pink polkadots

Vintage 60's dress - pink polkadots

Dress – Vintage 60’s, Tights – Kohls (cost me a fortune: 80 cents of a dollar), Feminist broochHannah Zakari, Shoes – Irregular Choice (via Ebay)

Vintage 60's dress - apples

Vintage 60's dress - apples

Vintage 60's dress - apples

Vintage 60's dress - apples

Dress: Vintage, Cardigan – Zara, Tights – forget the name, got them from TK Maxx, Shoes – Irregular Choice (via Ebay)

Vintage 60's dress - florals and sailor collar jacket

Vintage 60's dress - florals and sailor collar jacket

Vintage 60's dress - florals and sailor collar jacket

Vintage 60's dress - florals and sailor collar jacket

Dress – Vintage, Tights – don’t remember anymore, Jacket – French Navy surplus (from some shop in Camden back in the 90’s, when my love affair with sailor collars and all things nautical started), Shoes – Pink Bitches by Irregular Choice (via Ebay)

And of course, I have to ask: which one is your favourite?


In Sheffield they met

May 6, 2014

Saturday was bloggers meet-up day up in Sheffield, organized by the lovely Curtise. A few of us (GiselaVixTaniaEm and Sandra)  answered the call and headed up to Sheffield for a day well spent having a good old chinwag, rummaging through the vintage market and basking in the sun.

It all started at the Town Hall steps… (photo by Curtise)



Inside, not only there were loads of pretty frocks to look at, but also some of the details were grand… vestiges of a different era.




I don’t remember what was being said but it either sent Vix to sleep or she was very pleased…


The group, after we finished going through every single stall in the market and made our purchases.


After the market, we headed to Wetherspoons for some food and drinks. We are classy so we drank mojitos and porn star martinis!


After we were fed and had a few drinks down we headed out to find some more vintage frocks and some more sh*ts and giggles.




We marveled at the amount of shell suits on display… and wondered if anyone ever buys them!



Had a bit of a walk around the city centre, saw the silver orbs and all the water features…


Walked through the Winter garden where a pool championship was happening….


And after sending Sandra on her way to meet her husband, sat down for the last hour or so that we had left before our trains left, for yet another drink.


Here’s a last one, with me included, that I stole from Curtise:


All in all it was a day well spent and I brought back a few goodies, between presents and a couple of 60’s summer dresses, I can’t really complain. x


Crafts Magazines – a review

April 17, 2014


I rarely buy crafts magazines these days, because much like Pinterest, I think ‘that is amazing, I need to make it’ and that’s pretty much it. Recently I came across these two magazines in the supermarket and they caught my eye. I have seen Molly Makes before but I don’t really buy it because the projects are cool but most of them I’m not too interested in making. However this clothes DIY special edition sounded a lot more interesting. . The other one, Daphne’s Diary is brand new and I was curious to see what it was all about, so I brought them both home.

Molly Makes – DIY Fashion special edition

I loved this magazine. I just did. It’s colourful, it has the right amount of retro inspired articles and it features a few bloggers and other creatives. The clothes style is quirky and the project ideas are simple and easy to make. I really like the design as it is simple and makes the colourful photos really pop out.




Daphne’s Diary – a magazine full of inspiration and style

The contents of this magazine are a lot broader and go from gardening, recipes, interior design, some DIY, all with a vintage shabby chic vibe. Some articles are really interesting – like the one on Bucovina Easter eggs, I own a few that I brought back from Romania years ago and I was pleasedto read a bit more about them. I like the variety in the magazine and its style, although I find the design too busy, too many twee cutesy items decorating borders that really didn’t need to be there.




Do you usually buy crafts magazines? If you do, what would you recommend?