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How to Mix Patterns

June 30, 2014

I love mixing patterns. I do. I’ve been doing it more and more often.
I think the main secret is to stick to a colour scheme -see what I did here? Other than that. just do what you feel looks right. Just don’t be boring!

IMG_8537 copy

IMG_8530 copy

IMG_8540 copy

Details: Cardigan – H&M, Dress– Camden Town Market, Tights – Calzedonia, Shoes – Irregular Choice, Shirt – vintage, handmade by my Great Aunt.

I’m joining Visible Monday over at Patti’s. Join me there too.


Visible Monday Hat Attack!

June 2, 2014

IMG_7241 copy

This isn’t a recent outfit but I had to dig it out, to participate at Judith’s Hat Attack and Patti’s Visible Monday linkups!I hope it was worth it. Have a lovely Monday!

IMG_7229 copy

IMG_7234 copy

IMG_7238 copy

IMG_7242 copy

Details: Beret – Dorothy Perkins, Playsuit – ASOS, Breton Shirt – Zara Lefties, Boots – DR Martens, Ring – present from Amy.


The first bbq of the year

May 19, 2014

IMG_9270 copy

IMG_9262 copy

IMG_9228 copy

IMG_9239 copy

IMG_9220 copy

IMG_9218 copy

IMG_9278 copy

It seems that Summer is finally here and with that, the smell of barbecue can be felt all around. My friend Daniela invited us round and we had a lovely day just eating, sitting in the sun, playing with Sasha and not doing much else. Perfect!

Outfit details: Sunglasses – H&M, Top – George, I think, Skirt – Primark, Sandals – Irregular Choice (via Ebay).

The skirt, unbelievably, is from Primark. I think that it looks like a novelty 50’s skirt, with all those stamps and letters. The sandals are inspired by traditional Japanese geta shoes. They’re more comfortable than what they might look like and no, I didn’t fall over! I’m joining Patti’s Visible Monday! Edited to add: also shared at Tres Chich Fashion Thursday at Mama and More.

Have you started barbecue season yet?


I’ve only got eyes for you

May 5, 2014

IMG_8511 copy

IMG_8513 copy

IMG_8515 copy

IMG_8518 copy1

IMG_8519 copy

IMG_8524 copy

IMG_8527 copy

Another set of photos of an outfit I wore to work recently – another inappropriate look for the office, I would say.. David kindly took these, again on our walk back into town. Every time I wear this dress I feel like my boobs are looking at people. Funny feeling, that is.

I also did some experimenting with the photo editing on Photoshop, what do you guys think?

Details: Ears jacket – Ebay, Cat Dress – Topshop (from Ebay), Collar – H&M, Tights – Falke, Shoes – Irregular Choice.

As this is Monday, I’m linking up to Patti’s Visible Monday. Have a nice day!


Rainbow Club Shoes

December 2, 2013

Last week I was invited by Rainbow Club to attend an event in London, to design a pair of shoes for my Alter Ego. Rainbow Club specializes in bridal shoes and accessories and now have available The Colour Studio, where you can have any pair of shoes from their selection dyed to the colour of your choice. That got me intrigued.

The best Christmas tree in the whole world has shoes all over it.

We were all given a Colour Studio apron so we wouldn’t get our own clothes dirty and were invited to check out the embellishments available for our shoe.

After that we had to pick a colour (or colours), which had to be mixed especially. I picked a dark red as I already had an idea of who I wanted my Alter Ego to be.

After trying the colour on a bit of satin I decided it was good and proceeded to decorate my allocated shoe.

There was a competition for the best 3 shoes. I didn’t win but nevertheless I had a lot of fun! I enjoy trying out new things and this was a really good experience.

I also got to meet Diane Hassall, who is the head of design for the brand and learned that she has 25 years experience in the industry, which is quite respectable, I would say. I will be interviewing Di about her career and experience at a later date so stay tuned!

We called these rabbit tails as that’s what they looked like. I have no idea what they are called in reality. They were used to paint the shoe, after dipping it in the dye.

Here is the end result. Have you guessed who my Alter Ego is? Her name is Gigi and she is a flapper, partying away in the New York speakeasies during Prohibition. She likes to dance, drink bootleg booze and listen to Cole Porter.

I also got to pick a pair of shoes to bring home with me and I chose what I call Barbie shoes – pink and sparkly! They are the Desario model, dyed in light pink. I can’t wait to get an opportunity to wear them!

This is what I wore for the day: Turban – Lomography shop in Lisbon, Boyfriend Cardigan – Zara Lefties (outlet in Portugal), Stripy T-shirt – Zara, Cocktail Ring – Matalan, Black Velvet Dress – Thrifted in Florida ($1!), Lips Belt – Zara (on sale), Tights – Primark, Boots – Beau Coups (via Ebay)

Bonus: the Christmas lights at Regent Street in London.

I hope you enjoyed this, I know I did. I am joining the party over at The Style Crone for another Hat Attack as well as Patti’s Visible Monday!

Edit: Also added to Pick Me Up at Spy Girl! Get sharing!