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Sunday at the farm

April 29, 2013

Last Sunday I stopped by the place where my housemate and friend Iain keeps his horse, on the way to Lincoln for a movie session. (We saw The Place Beyond the Pines, which I highly recommend. It’s not only very a very good story and performances but also the main actors are Ryan Gosling and Bradley Cooper, need I say more?). Anyways, I had to keep myself busy while the horse was being tended to and I went around chasing after the animals and taking photos.

I thought Amber would like this photo of some English chicks when I took it.

This little guy trotted towards me at some point, I don’t know what he was thinking as he never got close enough to get some cuddles…

Lovely yellow daffodils are everywhere.

Although it seems like I’m speaking to him, sadly Wolfie is not a talking horse. Details: Jacket – Antoni and Alison (via TK Maxx, worn previously here), Jumper – Ebay, altered by me, Skirt – Ebay, Shorts – H&M , Black flower – H&M, Jazz Dance boots – Ebay (they’re starting to fall apart, boo)

I’m adding this to Patti’s Visible Monday as wearing a fur coat and white boots around the stables makes you stick out like a sore thumb.


A little bit of soul

April 22, 2013

Maelcum Soul is an obscure character that I found out about in John Waters’ book Shock Value (I’ve written about it here). She was one of the original Dreamlanders (the group of people that participated in the making of John Waters’ films) and a great influence on him. ‘The descriptions on his book made me want to look her up as she sounded like a true original.

Maelcum Soul was her real name, and I was in total awe of her, until she dropped dead of old age in her twenty-seventh year, in 1968. Maelcum was the most astonishing bohemian I’ve ever known, and she influenced my twisted vision of how women should look more than any film, book, or painting. She was Baltimore’s top artist’s model and hostess/barmaid in the best bar in town – Martick’s. Maelcum’s everyday life was a self-promoted confrontation with the world. She’d walk down the street, and a riot would break out. She had maroon hair, wore chalk-white face powder, ten pairs of fake eyelashes, and more eye makeup than any girl has ever worn anywhere in the United States. Her trademarks were the eight-point star she drew on her cheek and the gobs of glue she used to fasten her spit curls to her face. Her clothes were the most theatrical imaginable, and she looked like this every day, every hour. She was a woman female impersonator. Only twice did I see her without her “look” and that was deep in the private bowels of her home. I was shocked to see how normal she looked underneath this incredible disguise.

– Waters, John, Shock Value 

Wouldn’t you want to see what she looked like after all this?  This was a lady that did vintage before vintage was mainstream and dared to go out to the pharmacist in green face make up. Crazy? Maybe a little, who knows? One thing is certain, this was creativity, this was art.

I researched it online and couldn’t find many photos but the few I did (and the ones on the short video on the bottom of this post) give an  idea of her style and beauty. She was taken from this world at a young age and in a tragic way. I thought I’d put a little outfit together inspired by her – it’s my little tip of the (floppy) hat to another creative soul.

“Follow No-one, Look Amazing”

Outfit details: Dress – H&M (via Ebay), Floppy hat – H&M (I brought it from Portugal, not very practical when you’re flying!), Flower belt – H&M (from the sale items I got last Thursday), Bracelets – River Island (got them the first time I went to Nottingham after I moved to England), Shoes – Irregular Choice (via Ebay)

I’m linking this up to Patti’s Visible Monday as there is nothing that makes anyone more visible than their creativity and personality (a big floppy hat also helps).


I got the devil’s haircut in my mind

April 14, 2013

Nothing better to lift my spirits sometimes than a visit to the salon. Mine was overdue – I had 2 inch dark brown roots showing and was in dire need of a little trim, even though I am currently growing my hair. Although I like a little hair DIY myself, nothing like the hands of a professional to get my hair just the way I would like it to be all the time. This is all very nice but it only stays as it should for a fleeting moment- as soon as I wash my hair, it will go back to it’s usual kinks and silly ways. Who has time to use the straighteners every morning before work? I know I don’t. Anyway, I wish I could afford to go to the hairdresser more often as it is a lovely feeling, to have nicely styled hair. I met with my friends afterwards and Filipa was kind enough to snap a couple of photos for posterity.

Les Deets: Coat – H&M Trend, via Ebay, Dress – H&M Trend, Shoes – Carvella, via TK Maxx, Bag – Target, Glove Purse – Martin Margiella for H&M.

I love the print on this dress, with the hidden angry black cats!

 I went around gallivanting in town, I was looking for some bracelets to do a DIY project and ended up buying a couple more little things from the charity shops.

Michael Ambers blazer from RSPCA, Jane Norman gold cardi from Age UK, accessories and deer from British Heart Foundation.

I’ve never done it before but I am linking this post to Patti’s Visible Monday as I think it’s about time.