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November 14, 2014








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Last Monday evening I attended what is already one of my favourite blogger events of the season, the Swap Shop. The last time I went to the Swap Shop it was great, and every time it just gets better! I still have the items that I picked up the last time and I think that the ones I got this time will also stay in my wardrobe for a while. That’s how good these events are!

We had mac and cheese to comfort our stomachs and tasty cocktails to brighten up the spirits, as well as the proverbial blogger macaroons (how pretty are they? I can also assure they were delicious). The main thing that brightened everyone’s eyes was the clothes swap. Are we crazy about clothes? Yes we are! And how about if you can get a wardrobe uplift without having to spend any money? EVEN BETTER!

How does it work? You bring in 5 items you have in your closet that’s either new or barely worn and swap them for stamps, that you can the redeem and get other new or new to you items. The anticipation was high, as some of us had a look at the pictures of the items being uploaded on Instagram and had already picked a few favourites. Once everything was put in place the clothes frenzy started but in a very civilised way – no hairs were pulled or clothes torn as a lot of us are friends and even pick things up for one another. Talk about blogger love!

After picking a few favourites, I redeemed my stamps and enjoyed the glitter lipstick makeup and the photobooth printouts. Photobooths are some of my favourite features at events, what can I say? We all got our lips painted in sparkly colours and I decided to go for a turquoise blue, as it would complement my hair colour. I was surprised with the result, I think I may want to get some blue lipstick to wear on other occasions.

All in all, it was a lovely evening and I wish there were more events like these – it’s always great to see my blogger friends and get a new wardrobe at the same time! Thank you for organising this, please don’t stop!

London Swap Shop 2014

March 2, 2014

Last week I attended my first Swap Shop. It was great fun: I got to see plenty of friends, meet other girls, do fun activities and swap some unused clothes for other new to me things! It was very simple: we all brought in 5 items and got stamps in return. We then got to pick what we liked and redeemed the stamps. Simples!


(previous photos from


Jessica got a manicure.



Amy and Jessica.


A half eaten sweets buffet.


Customizing a pair of tights. Photo from Lucy Sarah Rance



We were queueing up for the photobooth, one of my favourite features of the night! (photo from


I had a great time and decided that this must have been one of the events I’ve had most fun at so far. I’ll be wearing my new-to-me clothes very soon!