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It all happened at the office party

December 27, 2013

This year I attended not one but two office parties, to contrast with previous years, that I attended none.

Like I mentioned before, I was sent to the office party in Lisbon, under the theme Dinner with the Addams Family. I had to dress up, of course and given my already existing wardrobe, I picked Wednesday Addams.

The event was held at a very beautiful old palace, with lots of trompe l’oeil on the walls as well as hand painted tiling, that was built in the 16th century. What a lovely place!

We also had a photobooth and the zombie girls made an appearance!

So did Freddy Kruger, who won best costume of the night.

We rock ‘n’ rolled all night and partied every day.

The second party I attended was last weekend, back in England. This time the theme was Fire and Ice. It was a pleasant evening, especially because some of my friends from the Lisbon office were also there. I went home early though and that was a good idea as it seems that after a certain time a few people drank too much and caused a disturbance.

I even had a spot of dancing! How unusual, these days.

I found this beautiful dress at the River Island website when I was researching some unexpensive dresses for an article at work. I was smitten and attending this party was the perfect excuse to actually buy it. It was reduced from £110 to £60 and it was money well spent, as it feels so luxurious and vintage. I feel like I’m in the Great Gatsby!

Great movement!

I think I finally managed the smokey eye makeup, thanks to youtube. (headband – Dorothy Perkins, earrings – Internacionale)

I hope you are having a great festive season. Thanks for looking!



New Look Xmas Wishlist

December 21, 2013

Are you all set for Christmas? Have you got all your party wear and your onesies sorted? I do but there’s always nice things to look at out there. Hope you like this outfit I put together with items from New Look’s website. Christmas is the season for Love so my outfit had to reflect it. This post has been made in collaboration with New Look. Enjoy!

I’m having another office party tonight, I’ll share my festive looks next week, for sure! Have a lovely weekend, everyone!



Candy Cane DIY Gift Wrapping

December 18, 2013

This year I decided to add a more personal touch to my gift wrapping – I used to do this often years ago, back when I had more free time and more energy. It was worth making the effort as I had what I thought was a good idea. Most of the items can be inexpensive and the ones that aren’t, you can reuse several times, like the stamps and their ink pads. I picked the colour scheme and that the theme would revolve around candy canes, so I got to work, gathering all the items.

What you will need :

  • Kraft paper (can be bought in stationery sections of supermarkets, pound shops, etc).
  • Twine (I got mine from Ebay here – there’s a few more colours available, if you fancy a different theme).
  • Stamps (I found a set of 4 for 99p plus postage on Ebay. Although they are not particularly festive, it can pass as such, imo, plus I can always use them all year round).
  • Stamp ink pads (possibly the most expensive items I got, purchased from Ryman).
  • Candy Canes (I got them in 2 different sizes, the big ones in boxes of 12 and the smaller ones in boxes of 36, each box for £1 at Poundland).

So I got to work, happily stamping away.

After I was happy with the area I covered in stamps, I cut out the section of paper I needed and wrapped a gift:

Ta Da! Simple and relatively inexpensive. I rather like the way it turned out. How about you?