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OOTD – Red and Blue

April 30, 2014









Happy middle of the week AKA Wednesday. In my case, Wednesday must be the new  Friday as I am having Thursday and Friday off. As next Monday is a bank holiday, hello super long weekend!

Today I have an outfit to show you. My friend David took these photos the other week when he was visiting and I think they look pretty good. I’m wearing one of my favourite colour combos – red and blue. The boots don’t get enough wear for their awesomeness. They’re like the boots a glam rock super hero would wear, don’t you think?

Details: Headscarf – New Look, Skirt and Tights – H&M, Shirt – Ralph Lauren, Cape Coat and Cardigan – Zara, Bag – Ahcahcum Muchacha, Boots – Irregular Choice, Necklace – c/o Name The Necklace



Too much stuff

February 26, 2014

ASOS Bowtie and Shirt

I’m still battling the huge amount of clothes I own. So far all is going well on the plans for not buying more clothes – I got some gifts and did some swapping but other than that I’ve been behaving very well. I have separated a whole bag of clothes I would like to get rid of. I am now separating the ones that are OK and that I’ve never worn before, so I can donate them. These trousers is one such example. Thrifted them a while ago at Oxfam, never wore them until this day. They are now going back to the charity shop as only items I’d see myself wearing again will remain. Although I still like them and they got many compliments at work, I don’t like them enough and stuff needs to go! (I was even asked when I was going to do my music video, although I’m not sure if that was a compliment). Stay tuned for more clothes-I’m-getting-rid-of blog posts.



Details: Shirt – ASOS, Turban – Lomography, Belt – Primark, Trousers – Oxfam, Boots and Cardigan – Zara, Bowtie – ASOS (from the swap shop event), Bag – Ahcahcum Muchacha


Photos by Filipa, taken on our lunch break.


What the fox says

January 15, 2014

Just a quickie for today, as I’ve been poorly and in no condition to do any proper work. I hope you like these fun photos my friend Filipa took on one of our lunch breaks recently. Toodles!

Outfit details : Boots – Zara, Dress – from TK Maxx, Bag – Martin Margiella for H&M, Stockings – Peacock’s, Shirt – vintage, handmade by my late Great Aunt, Long sleeve top and cardigan – Primark, Hat – H&M (from my last trip to Lisbon), Glasses – Firmoo

In case you’ve been sleeping for the last few months and totally missed out where the post title comes from:


My Style Evolution

September 20, 2013

I’ve been thinking about why I dress the way I do. I tend to over analyse things so it comes as no surprise.

When I was a kid I mostly wore what my parents/ grandparents bought me. When I got to around age 10 I started enjoying picking my own clothes. Then something happened: my parents made me go to a private school, which wouldn’t be too much of a problem if it wasn’t for the fact that I had to wear a uniform. For those who don’t know, only private schools have uniforms in Portugal unlike say, the UK.

Look at it: isn’t it the most hideous thing ever? I should add that 20 years ago when I left the school we didn’t have the ill-fitting blazers. Gives me the chills to think that I had to wear this horrendous outfit for 7 years of my life…

Wearing a uniform in school was a traumatizing experience. On weekends I’d have to try and make do with the clothes available and it was difficult- I didn’t like what the preppy/posh girls in my school wore and the concept of high street back then was unheard of. I wanted something else (by this time, at around 14 years old I was listening to Post Punk and the such) but nothing that was available to be bought really fitted the bill. Really frustrating and the reason why there are so little photos of when I was a teenager – I tore up all those photos because I didn’t recognize myself in them. It wasn’t who I was or saw myself as inside. Around 15 I sometimes jazzed the uniform up with heavy metal tees and Dr Martens boots. It wasn’t popular with the teachers but sort of kept my sanity. (or maybe not…)

I have to say that things got a little bit better around 16/17 years when I discovered I liked old clothes from my grandmother’s closet and actually moved to a very artistic high school (no uniform, yay!). Although I wasn’t comfortable with the more feminine styles I enjoyed rummaging my grandmother’s closet and soon discovered there were more old clothes at the flea market. I remember I bought a Pierre Cardin jacket that I never wore, at the time was a bit too bold and I couldn’t work it into the more boyish looks I was wearing back then. I wish I still had it today though, I’d totally rock it!

In the late nighties, early noughties I went to uni and found that my dad also had a closet full of his 70’s garb. I wore his bell bottoms thin and still own some of his bike riding leather jackets. How he fitted into those things it’s something I’ll never understand! A few years later I discovered I was ready to start wearing garments that were a bit more feminine and started experimenting with skirts and dresses a bit more. I think that up until then you’d never catch me in a skirt unless it was my school uniform.

Here are some of my looks from 2007. That was the first time I ever bleached my hair. I wasn’t entirely satisfied with the haircut but it was still fun. It’s true when they say blondes have more fun. That blue dress was a St Michael vintage number and I think I don’t have it in Lisbon anymore as it was a bit too big. I kind of regret it now, it’s so cute and it doesn’t look that big on the photo, come to think of it. I still have the Zara gold dress and the vintage yellow shirt though. I think that I’ve had more or less the same style since this time, although I think I am a bit more adventurous these days. Having moved to England made me feel freer as in my home city people tend to be a little bit too conservative (and very rude about it). Plus there is a lot more access here to great stuff either vintage or second hand!

I believe that this is probably the main reason why these days I enjoy having fun with clothes so much. And this is me now, with confidence in spades!

Details: Turban– present from my friend Maud, Bedazzled T-shirt – Zara (on sale, on my trip to Belgium), Mustard Bolero – H&M (thrifted in Stamford), Red Shorts – H&M (via Ebay), Shoes – Blythe by Irregular Choice (via Ebay), Tights – Primark

What now? I feel like I will be experimenting for a while longer and getting inspired by other lovely ladies. But sometimes I do feel a bit tired. It might not seem like it but styling yourself everyday can be hard work. Who knows, maybe one day I’ll settle down with the likes of Peter Hahn or some other grown up and proper brand. For now, I’m enjoying this ride, for as log as I feel like it.


Office Looks – Totally Inappropriate looks for the office

September 9, 2013

As it has become a habit, here is another installment of Office Looks. This time the main theme is band tees. I am not wearing the same on both looks but the idea is similar. Band tees/ logos are probably the only brand logos I don’t have a problem with. Maybe this is because I’ve always worn band t-shirts since I was old enough to go to a shop and buy my own clothes. At the time because as with all teenage kids, wearing a tee of your favourite band told the world who you were – punk, heavy metal, whatever. I also like to buy band tees when I attend shows- It is a nice way of supporting the band as I rarely buy albums these days.

This brings me to the logo discussion: I like designer clothes as much as the next person but I am not too keen on paying to advertise someone else’s brand on my chest/ bag/ whatever. Although there can be exceptions if a logo for example is actually graphically interesting, I find that the whole logo culture is quite boring and uninteresting. For the majority of cases, it appeals to individuals who are more interested in flaunting how much they have spent on their clothes rather than their taste.  This reminds me of the trend in some circles, of wearing expensive items and leaving the tag on them to show how much it cost. It is of very poor taste, not to mention stupid, as it’s not that clever to throw your money out unnecessarily. To me it also shows lack of imagination, with so many nice things you can pick up to make you look individual, why wear something like that? I await your two cents on this matter. In the meantime, here are the outfits!

Outfit details: Bow – H&M, Black Lace Blazer – H&M (on sale), Baby Pink Tutu Skirt – Olsenboye at JC Penney, Joy Division Tee – Ebay, Green Bag – Target, Grey Tights – Primark, Hearts and Stars Shoes – Office (via Ebay), Metal Bow Bracelet – H&M (on sale)

Outfit Details: Cats Head Scarf – Zara, Denim Jacket – Blanco (swap with Lili), Die Antwoord Tee – Ebay, Leather Look Skirt – American Apparel (present from my friend Linda), Red Shoes – From a Chinese shop in Lisbon, many years ago.

Happy Monday everyone and don’t forget to join the party over at Patti’s Visible Monday.