Charity shop finds.

July 23, 2011

So today I had the chance to go in a couple of charity shops in town. I am an avid fan of flea markets, charity shops, etc. I just love bargain hunting and particularly finding that forgotten hidden treasure that deserves to be used and cherished again. This is what I found:

Small wine glasses and a little dutch ceramic basket, that I intend to use as a ring dish kind of thing. I liked the treelike shapes on the ceramic piece, that’s what has drawn me to it. I have no guess of when they are from, but they do look retro to me.
Frilly top with bows originally from Next. I couldn’t resist the bows, but it does need a bit of taking in on the sides. The shoes are from Clarks and pretty good quality. They have a bit of a granny factor I really like.
Red polkadot skirt from Monsoon, that is a bit tulip shaped. The heart vest is from Oasis and as can be seen in the picture, has never been worn as it had it’s tag hanging. Funnily enough it was one of those situations when I saw someone else looking at it at the rack and there was this voice in my head saying “drop it. DROP IT!”. Apparently it worked, because she did and it is now mine.
Really cute never before used tea towels from 1983 and 1988. I almost missed them as they caught my eye on the way out. They’re adorable, I’ll have to think about some way of using them other then drying the dishes, as they’re almost relics!
Sadly I didn’t find any gem in the shape of a 60’s dress or anything similar, but I did spot an electric blue cocktail hat that seemed to be from the 80’s that I am definitely going back for on Monday.

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