Lincoln on Monday.

July 26, 2011
As I had a friend staying over, I took the day off work yesterday so we could go gallivanting in Lincoln. 
Before leaving to Lincoln we had a bit of a walk around in Grantham:
Chequers bar. One of the nicer bars here. I particularly like the chickens!
A local. Apparently a supporter of Manchester City, or so it says on his rucksack.
A local drink. I like the packaging and the clever transparency detail.
At the Lincoln bus station. This bench is marvelous. The nice man agreed to stay in the picture, I did think it looked nicer with someone sat on it.
Pigeon by the canal. This one goes to show that also pigeons blink when their pics are taken.
Swans, lots of them.
They spotted someone throwing some stale bread in the water….
Nom nom nom…
by the cathedral
What I wore: 
Turban – From the Lomography shop in Lisbon
Blazer– H&M
Tshirt – Oysho
Bow bracelet – H&M
Bag – H&M (a souvenir from my trip to NYC in 2009)
Trousers – Comme des Garçons for H&M
Shoes – Clarks (thrifted)
On the way out, on the bus
We went shopping when we returned.
We then treated ourselves to a nice meal at the Nepalese Restaurant and had a pleasant evening in general.

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