A lovely Summer day.

July 28, 2011
As the weatherman promised high temperatures of 23 degrees today (Scorchio!), I decided that I should at least for one day bare my legs and dare to leave the house in sandals. I did not regret it as it was nice and warm, a decent Summer day, finally. Too bad it had to be spent in the office. Luckily I sit right next to the windows and get to enjoy seeing a bit of sunshine outside.

Sunglasses – Moschino
Dress – Vintage, it was made by my great aunt Irene.
Necklace – Blanco
Earrings – Blanco
Cardigan – Stradivarius (but I got it from a friend)
Bag– Women’s Secret
Shoes – Swedish Hasbeens for H&M
I love this necklace, it’s quite silly. I also like this dress. I inherited it along with a pile of other clothes when my great aunt Irene passed away. She made it, as well as many others I also own, as she was a professional seamstress. My great aunt Irene has always been an inspiration since I was a child, this very funny and creative old spinster, who always had a joke or funny reply on the tip of her tongue. I sometimes wonder how far she could have gone if she wasn’t born back then. She was extremely creative and talented and I am sure that if she had been given opportunities that women are give these days she would have done  a lot better for herself. All I can do now is be thankful for having met her and for the lovely things she has left behind to remember her by.
My bag. I forgot to take a picture of the shoes, but I am sure they’ll appear again in the future, I’m in love with wooden clogs.
I’d also like to add that everything I wore today, apart from the shoes and the sunglasses, I have owned for several years now.
Bonus: today’s lovely Summer sky.

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