Alton Towers – part 1 – The rides and all the tack

July 31, 2011
As previously mentioned, yesterday I had a great time at Alton Towers.
As I took many photos I have decided to separate them and will be posting them over the next few days.
Today I will be posting photos of the rides and all the kitschy stuff that as expected, can be found on amusement parks.
This is what you see when you arrive.
There were loads of gigantic stuffed animals to be won in games all over the grounds. I surely wouldn’t want to have to drag one of those around with me all day…
Mushroom shaped flying chairs, how appropriate!
Rollercoaster tracks. The first one we went on was Rita, which was terrifying. I found it too fast!
We then went on to Thirteen, which was good fun.
We stopped for a bite to eat after these two rides and I got to wear a paper crown, haha.
We also went on the Hex ride, which is really cleverly done illusion but I also have no pictures and couldn’t find a decent video of it.
Stuffed Angry Birds!
We then proceeded onward to Oblivion, that as can be seen on the image, has a vertical drop.  It wasn’t as scary as the first one I went but it was scary fun anyway.
The last ride we went on was Nemesis, it was the best one in my opinion. You sort of twist around as can be perceived by the tracks and it was longer than the previous ones.
I thought it was really funny that the water streams around it were tinted in what was supposed to be blood,  but it looked to me it was something Barbie would have in her mansion. It also made me think of wine – you could always stand underneath it and drink it!
So that was it. I will be posting the photos of the Alton Towers house and the ducks over the next few days.

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