Finally an update

September 25, 2011
Time for an update, after moving house, being generally busy, avoiding spending large amounts of time in front of a computer at home and a trip to London. 
Moving house wasn’t a complicated process, mainly thanks to the help from friends. What is becoming complicated is the amount of objects one amasses in one tiny space… How is it possible to have managed to fit all of that junk in one bedroom? Decisions had to be made and for that reason I have decided to not buy anything else at least until the beginning of next year. Specially not shoes. As a result I have been setting aside a lot of things- clothes AND shoes and they will be donated to charity, the RSPCA being my charity of choice. 
A few things have been set aside, others are being thrown out for being too old to donate and others are seeing the light of day after a long time! Which is quite refreshing. I have been enjoying bringing out my Irregular Choice collection- the cobblestones of Lisbon are impossible for nice shoes, they get destroyed in one outing. It is also rewarding to be working towards having a more manageable space. All in all a good decision and experience. I don’t know when I will have to move again and I don’t want to drag all this stuff behind me. I think I’ll always have a lot of clothes, but no point in keeping things that don’t quite feel like me anymore.
So, as a bonus here are the only two photos taken on my birthday, almost a month ago:
We went out for a night out in Nottingham, unfortunately the Rescue Rooms were being refurbished so no decent music was had that night.
We found the shot sign on the street and took photos with it but didn’t not take advantage of the low price of drinks.
A close up of the accessories: the brooch is vintage, found at the flea market in Lisbon and the farm animal necklace is from a Les Nereides Collection from a few years back. I still love it though.

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  • Reply Helen September 28, 2011 at 19:40

    that necklace is very nice!

  • Reply Mrs. D September 29, 2011 at 06:45

    Thank you 🙂 One can never go wrong with farm animals hehe

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