Day trip to Somerset – part 1

November 15, 2011
I took so many photos last Saturday that I am breaking them into separate posts…
We left the G at 6 am and arrived in Wells a bit before 9. 
Wells is a small old city, dominated by a beautiful gothic cathedral. If you have seen Hot Fuzz or the Libertine, then you would have seen this city before as it’s been the set for a few films already.
We had a bit of a wander, while waiting for this restaurant to open, so we could have breakfast.
It was market day and we also went into the lovely Cathedral. I have a bunch of photos from the inside and its gardens, but I’ll post them separately.
After the cathedral we finally managed to get into the City Arms, this restaurant/pub, that prided itself in having one of the 20 best English breakfasts in the UK, according to the Daily Mail (or was it the Sunday Times?).
We waited a long time for our food and sadly it left a lot to be desired. The award must have been given 20 years ago or so, as certainly that wasn’t the best fry up we’ve ever had. So in case you find yourself around these parts, don’t even bother. 
I really like the little angel heads (putti) with the wings around them, looks like flowers (on both sides of the mandorla).
I thought this was pretty amazing and unusual: a slab of stone with an unfinished window partly carved in it. I think it’s great when you are able to understand and see processes.
Behind the cathedral.
Some buildings that are some of the boarding houses for students of the Wells Cathedral School, founded in 909, a music school for school-age children.
Not too shabby, I say.
One of the cathedral’s sides has an amazing clock.
It seems that the little tin men chime it but we didn’t see it.
This is quite a touristic city and it seems that some of the musicians performing at the Glastonbury Festival sometimes stay here, so I’m sure you may end up bumping into someone famous while the festival is on.
The city also has a castle, I’ll share those photos soon as well. 
It’s all for now.

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