Trip to Somerset – part 4 – Glastonbury

November 22, 2011
A few more photos of the day trip down to Somerset. This stop: Glastonbury. Many may have heard of this town before as one of the (if not the) largest festival in the UK is held close by.
A murmuration of starlings! If you have a couple of minutes to spare, watch this video on Youtube, featuring these amazing birds. Thanks to Iain for showing it to me.
We had a bit of a wander around and had a look at a few things here and there. Saw these stencil graffittis. While they’re nothing special, they were worthy of note as I rarely get to see street art these days, there is none around where I live currently.
Glastonbury is sat on a confluence of ley lines and for that reason deemed a magical place, also present in Arthurian and Grail legend. For that reason is a New Age mecca, and you bump into neo hippies and travelers with every step you take, which is quite unusual.
For that reason, every other door is an entrance to a shop full of new age and neo pagan related items, from crystals to druid robes and even Buddhas wearing Santa hats. 
This was amusing.
Some beautiful Celtic knots stone work.
I was quite surprised to see what seems to be a crocodile on a building -I don’t think crocodiles are natives of these islands.
Don’t ask me what the queen of plushy dogs is doing inside a phone booth because I don’t know either.
And finally the Tor. While driving on the way to Glastonbury we could see a lot of businesses named after Avalon, my friend Iain told us that the area around the Tor used to be marshy but it was drained. It seems like the Tor is what we know as the island of Avalon, present once again in Arthurian legend. 
Unfortunately having been up since 5 in the morning and walking around all day, we were pretty tired and unable to go up there, but it was good that at least we got to see this marvelous place of which I have read about since I was a child. If you have the time and inclination do have a read on the wikipedia link above, as this town is full of amazing history and legend, sometimes it is even difficult to know where one ends and the other begins.

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  • Reply sacramento November 22, 2011 at 19:57

    I have been to Gladstonbury, but it is fantastic seeing these wonderful pics through your eyes.

  • Reply Mrs. D November 22, 2011 at 22:16

    thank you, that's a huge compliment 🙂

  • Reply Sabrina November 25, 2011 at 23:18

    beautiful pics!!!!

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