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December 26, 2011
Biba Boutique was the creation of Polish born fashion illustrator Barbara Hulanicki with her husband Stephen Fitz-Simon, open in the 60’s and the 70’s. The designs are absolutely gorgeous and apparently the store was amazing too, one of those places that make you wish you could go back in time to experience first hand.
Some of the pieces are so timeless that you can only tell they are vintage because of the quality of the images. No one would blink an eye if some of these dresses were on some shop window nowadays. Timelessness is something I quite appreciate, trends can be interesting and fun but I am more and more drawn to something that is either evocative of another era or that I know I will be wearing for a few years to come. I suppose that is the true challenge of a designer, to create something lasting. Maybe for that reason last year department store House of Fraser debuted a Biba comeback collection, and even though Barbara Hulanicki had no say in the creative process, it carries the name well. (Everything looks amazing, trust me, I’ve seen it with my own eyes).
Here are some images to feast your eyes on.
Photos found all over… if you require credit on any of them just let me know.

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