January 21, 2012

Remember this post I made a few days ago? That’s right, with all the polkadotty items I have in my closet I thought I’d take Yayoi Kusama as an inspiration and just throw them all together. I think it works for me, do you think it works for you?

When your inspiration is a Japanese artist, wear a Japanese designer!
Red Cardigan – H&M
Dress – Comme des Garçons for H&M
Polkadot blouse – Comme des Garçons for H&M
Polkadot tights – H&M
Shoes – Blanco

Had to quickly nip out again for the photos as it was starting to drizzle, before it really poured and Mr D refused to go out in the cold to take silly photos of me. It’s been raining almost non stop for a couple of days now and it’s quite depressing, as the light gets greyer than normal.

Detail of the scalloped hem and the shoes. It’s not that apparent but the shoes won’t be around for much longer, they’re just falling apart. They’re really sweet but Blanco is a bit like Primark- the choice of materials is not exactly the best. I suppose you get what you pay for but then, I’ve had them for a few years already so I guess they’ve served me well.

Extra: the lovely bathroom mirror. 

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  • Reply Sandy Miles-Blaxland May 1, 2018 at 14:32

    I love those tights! (Well, I love the whole outfit.) Back in the early 80’s when I was a young secretary (what I call my “pencil-skirt era”), I took a trip overseas. While in both Germany and England, I found these amazing patterned pantyhose and purchased them: I had 3 wonderful pairs: bright blue floral, red floral, and black and grey paisley, and I adored them. I would wear them to work, usually with a plain skirt and top, and would get the most interesting comments and/or stares while going up to the 11th floor in the elevator. I’m not sure how many others thought they were de rigueur, but I loved them and was never deterred by those sometimes horrified faces. Hahahaha!

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