Meet and Greet – Mariana a Miseravel (Mariana the miserable one)

March 2, 2012

This month we have an illustrator on the Meet and Greet feature. I came across Mariana’s work on the internet recently and really liked it, it’s got a sense of humour that I relate to and also lots of cats! As I also want to showcase talents from my own country every now and then, I thought I’d send her a note. I am glad she agreed to a little interview, so here it is.

How did illustration come up in your life?

It appeared before I even realized I wanted to be an illustrator. Probably in primary school when I painted faces green because at that time it made ??sense to me.

What is the technique you like to use the most?

Graphite and India ink on paper.

Who are your favorite illustrators?

Every day I find a different favorite illustrator. They are the ones that make me frustrated with what I haven’t been yet able to do and give me a push.

What was the job that you liked doing best?

They are all very different from each other,  both thematically and technically, so in a way, they were all good.

Can you just live off illustration?

No, I would like it to be possible one day but I do not know anyone here in Portugal in this situation.

Any suggestions for those wishing to start a career in this area?

Don’t be waiting for invitations. See what has been done, have good ideas, draw a lot, start your own projects. Fall in love with what you do.

What is the corner that you like best in the city where you live and why?

Oporto is full of sweet spots each with its own charm. For those who enjoy illustration I advise the galleries Dama Aflita and O! Galeria (the place to which I can call home and where my almost all of my illustrations sleep).

What else inspires you?

The sorrows of love and the soap operas of TVI. (TN: a portuguese TV channel known for its not so good content).

What would be your dream trip?

I can answer around the world?

Skirts or trousers?

Dresses, while wearing jeans a lot as well because I’m chilly.

Sweet or savoury?

Brick shaped gummies after a pork pastie.

Dogs or cats?


Thank you Mariana for your time and your amazing work.
If you want to follow Mariana’s work please go to the following links:

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    love the drawings

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      Yes, she is great 🙂

  • Reply sacramento March 3, 2012 at 10:32

    Brilliant work indeed.

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