The week in photos

March 19, 2012
Happy Monday! 
I don’t have much to show or to say about last week… Went to a battle of the bands on Thursday night, as someone from work was playing:
I forgot the name of the band but they’re not too bad. 
It was a good opportunity to hang out with some friends, have a couple of drinks and listen to some live music.
Some random spot around town.
I had a lot of plans for the weekend but ended up cancelling them as I was too tired, so no more photos. I even had to skip the volunteering work which doesn’t make me happy as it is one of the few fun things I do around here on a regular basis. I must be getting old, I prefer doing the shop keeping than going out to the bars (in this town at least, I can assure you that they’re not the best in the country.)
Hopefully this week will be a bit more eventful and fun. 
Have a great week!
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