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August 13, 2012

I met Jay online on Myspace many many years ago when I was learning how to tattoo myself. He is a very friendly guy and we used to chat online quite often about tattoos and tips about learning how to do them. After a couple of years of not going on Myspace I logged on to have a look and found an old message saying hello, I replied and we got back in touch. The world is a very funny place because when this happened he was working and living in Nottingham, which is right around the corner. Obviously we met in person and became real life friends. He is very talented and is the kind of person who is great to be around: always in good spirits and very generous. Sadly (for me) he moved back to Ireland, where he is originally from and I don’t get to see him that often anymore, but we still talk and I thought of asking him for an interview as I haven’t featured a tattoo artist yet! Hope you enjoy it!
When did you first discover tattoos and what made you become interested in them?
Well, this goes back some time ago, ha!!  When i fell in love with it I was about the age of 13-14 when I saw a dude with many tattoos all over him..  We got chatting and I said one day i’d be like him.. with so many tats! He was hardcore..!! I started looking into having a tattoo and was never in a big city until then.. I went into a tattoo shop looking on the walls but shit myself to ask them do to it so walked back out!!…After school one day with a good pal who lives near the city “Dublin” we went into the only one shop he knew of and he told me to only say “age 18” if asked!! As i was so tall i might look the age and it all started for me there…
How long have you been doing them professionally?
Mmmm I’d say on and off for 17 years now…
What is the main source of inspiration for your tattoo work?
It’s hard to say, really.. I look at all sorts depending on the job of the tattoo… I love doing full color work 
and then anything i know i can do. There are new jobs always coming in the doors nowadays and we do our best to make the tattoo as good as we get it really.
Do you know how many tattoos you have or you’ve lost count?
Lost count haha!! But I still have good bit of space on me…I know it don’t look like I have haha!!!
What was the last one you’ve had done on you?
It was a small “om symbol”
You are currently in a hiatus and not tattooing, do you plan to go back into tattoos in the future?
Yeah, I took a good year off to recover and enjoy my freedom and now I am ready to start back again.
I remember you mentioned you had some interesting and unusual jobs in the past, can you share a funny story about them?
Mmmmmmmm best one I can say is when I worked one day a week in the sex shop and this older woman came in and wanted to test a whip on my cute ass and I said yap you work away there… “she had the whip power I’ll tell ya” ha!!.. She bought the whip in the end as she was so happy!!..
What is it that you’re most passionate about at the moment?
Eva my girlfriend and mountain running which I love doing very much. I also just got a new dog which love walking him in mountains as much as i can…
You have recently moved from a city to the countryside in Ireland. Did you have any trouble adapting or is there anything you miss about a bigger place?..
I love living in the mountains, it was always big part of my life as I love being outdoors and camping. As for my training to become an ultra runner in mountains it’s just the best move I’ve made in my life.I never miss the city life, it costs too much and the air is not the same as up here.
And that’s it. If you feel you want to say anything else just feel free
Thanks for asking me for this interview I hope I have done good for you. If anyone is starting to tattoo, the best thing is to draw as much as you can and never give up trying to get someone to teach you, because there is always some tattoo artist out there who needs the help. Draw, sleep, dream about tattooing,  its the way of life!
Peace & good juju…
Peace and good juju for you too and thank you! If you want to see some more of Jaystat’s work check out his Myspace gallery here.

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