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Style – Saying Goodbye to London

July 26, 2020

The last few weeks have been busy and spent running around seeing people when possible, completing projects, taking care of bureaucratic details, you name it.

Luckily the weather has been nice for most of the time, which does help, even though it sometimes does make me feel like being on holiday instead of stuck at home! Hopefully soon enough and after the upcoming adventure is over, I will be able to have a few days off.

One of the things that have changed in the last few months has been the makeup routine – with having to wear a mask I don’t wear any foundation or do any blusher or contouring, not to mention lipstick as the mask just rubs it off. After seeing loads of adverts for it on Instagram, I ordered a set of 12 brightly coloured liquid eyeliners and I’ve been having fun trying them on – especially as most of my brightly coloured eyeshadow has been packed away for a couple of months, ready for the move.

The first one I tried was the electric blue eyeliner and I really love it!


I wore makeup that day as I had to go out and run some errands – mainly picking up my cat’s passport, so she can travel. I am happy to report that it’s all ready to go and in a week’s time we will be embarking on a new adventure!

This is what I wore for running errands:

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Had to take some photos with a timer in front of the house as I didn’t have anyone at home to capture the moment (and my tripod was also already packed away!)


Khaki Boxy Long Sleeved Tie Loungewear Set – Femmeluxe (gifted)

T-shirt – Target (from a trip to the US years ago, hadn’t worn it in ages!)

Neon Pink Trainers – Adidas Stan Smith

Mask – from a set purchased on Ali Express



The next eyeliner look I tried was this one – how fun that the colours match the top exactly, right? I thought it was a super fun yet simple look and it’s nice and bright for the Summer. That day I went out to have lunch with my friends Tony and Renee and we had a lovely time at Mamuska, a Polish restaurant in Waterloo. As the weather was nice and there were tables outside, it was easy to sit outside to eat and not break social distancing rules.

What I wore on that day:

Pink Tie Dye Padded Shoulder Sleeveless T-Shirt – Femmeluxe (gifted)

Denim Trousers -Monki

Neon Pink Trainers – Adidas Stan Smith

I took some full-body photos but they looked bad so I am sticking to the one with the top – which is the nice one anyway!


Detail of my current favourite trainers – a steal on eBay. I love a good outlet purchase and these were no exception!



One of the things I’ve been working on (and can also be seen on the previous post) are a few pasteups to go up on the street, so I can leave a few bits behind. I do intend to come back frequently but with all these travel restrictions, who knows when it will be the next time I can do it?

In the photo, I’m holding one of the larger ones I’ve made – which have yet to go up. I hope I can find a nice spot for it as I think it looks a lot of fun and everyone loves kitties!

As I was mainly working on my art pieces at home, I went for something comfortable and casual. Here are the details:

Black Boxy Long Sleeved Tie Loungewear Set – Femmeluxe (gifted)

Salmon Pink Furry Slippers – Primark

The last outfit I have to share was what I wore on the day I finally refreshed the bar front at Monty’s bar on Brick Lane – the only street art friendly bar in London and where I have made so many friends! It was a bittersweet day I spent doing this work, I thought it turned out good but I also know it was probably one of the last few times I will be visiting the bar for quite a while. In addition to that, many a friend stopped by to say hello (and goodbye) and we had a great time but it was also sad knowing that I won’t see them for a long time. It’s sad to leave but I also know that I got to know amazing people and made some lovely friends. not to mention a wonderful street art community that I don’t think I’ll ever stop being part of.


Relaxing outside the bar – photo by Rory!




Same moment but photographed by Anaïs!

Outfit details:

Black ‘Baby Girl’ Slogan Print Oversized T-Shirt – Femmeluxe (gifted)

Denim Mom Jeans – Primark

Trainers – New Balance

Phone holder – Normal (shop in Oslo). Funnily enough, I never see anyone wearing these holders here in London but saw loads of people wearing them in Hamburg!

Anyway, here are some more details of the piece I made at the bar:


One detail that most people won’t know or recognise is that I usually don’t use references to my Portuguese heritage in my work but it was appropriate to do so this time. If you look at the female skeleton’s hair, you will see a small yellow and red heart. This design was based on a traditional design called Coracao de Viana or Heart of Viana. The reason I used this was that the couple’s photo I used for the photo turned out to be Portuguese, so I thought it made a nice fun addition. 

And there it is. My last large piece in London for a while. I now have one last week in London and I intend to make the most of it, time and energy allowing! Until then, here are the two foxes I see from my bedroom window all the time. I am going to miss them 🙁



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