Films I’ve seen in the last few days

March 31, 2010

Being off sick for the last couple of days (sore throat, getting better, though), has allowed me to watch (in this case rewatch a few films I haven’t seen in a long time).

Here are the best in my opinion:


Do not watch this film if you are not confortable with explicit sex- gay and straight. It is a cute view on love, sex and relationships though.

I must also say that the score is great and it’s by Yo La Tengo.



A precious danish film about how people spend too long arguing about who is right about religion, without feeling god and its miracles truly in their hearts.

I do not recommend it to those with little patience for slow paced films.


Shimotsuma monogatari (Kamikaze girls)

Never fails to make me smile, this light comedy about an improbable friendship between a “rorita” and a “yanki”.


I’m Alan Partridge

Watched both seasons in almost one go. It makes me laugh out loud all the time and it never gets old! Would you like me to lap dance for ya?


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  • Reply ggundas March 31, 2010 at 18:51

    Fui ver o Ordet na cinemateca recentemente e fiquei na primeira fila (cheguei atrasado). O ecrã estava ali mesmo em cima de mim, com as personagens gigantescas. No final deu-se mesmo um milagre ali à minha frente e eu acreditei.

    maravilhoso :O

  • Reply swissarmyknife April 1, 2010 at 08:20

    A experiencia assim entao deve ser ainda mais intensa 🙂

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