Thursday the 14th of July.

July 16, 2011
So I have decided to start posting my outfit pictures again. It’s been years since I’ve last done it. I miss doing it as it’s always been a lot of fun and frankly, it’s a good daily outlet for my creativity, in a job that is all but creative.

This was the day I picked up my frames as I now have to wear spectacles due to the amount of hours I spend in front of computer screens. I am happy with the ones I chose, even though they are men’s.

As they were doing a two for one promotion, I thought I should have the same design in two different colours.
A close up of the outfit, chose something comfortable as I knew I would be doing some walking. Never mind the washing line in the back garden 🙂
Here is the whole of the ensemble.

Point of fashion: an afternoon at the bowling alley! (not really, it was an afternoon in the office hehe)
Bandana: Primark
Shirt: some brand I don’t know, got it at TK Maxx.
Badges: of several origins, the ‘I love electro’ one was a present from my friend Marta who bought it for me in Paris years ago and sadly it is getting a bit rusty.
Tshirt: H&M
Denim shorts: Primark
Watch: Old school Casio
Saddle shoes: Got them from a friend whom I believe got them on Ebay.

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