Mildred Pierce

July 17, 2011
This weekend I watched Todd Hayes’ Mildred Pierce. It was an enjoyable series, and the costuming, by Ann Roth, is absolutely flawless and very inspiring.
So much that I thought that a few screenshots of my favourites were in order:

I wish I could wear more hats on a daily basis.

I love the little bow detail on this one.

I couldn’t let the lovely huge red bow pass.

Evan Rachels Wood’s costumes, as of a more youthful nature, are especially appealing and lacking in the ‘granny factor’ of some worn by Kate Winslet. (which are obviously absolutely adequate, but as this is a list of stuff I’d actually wear, they were left out.)

I love the detail and the tailoring of this dress.

This is my favourite outfit in the whole series: black and red is one of my favourite combinations and the bow in the back and the little dainty hat are just adorable.

How beautiful is this blue long coat?

As a major deer enthusiast, I fell in love with the panels in this conservatory style room.

The styling of the memento wall is also adorable.

Scallops <3

And that’s it. Maybe too many pictures, but no harm in being exhaustive 😀

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