A visit to the stables.

July 17, 2011
Yesterday I took a little trip down to the stables to see my housemate’s horse and take some pictures.
So this is Wolfie.

Wolfie is a very scaredy horse and was afraid of my umbrella (it was pouring down), so I didn’t get to take all that many pictures of him.

However, this girl came along as soon as she saw me, to say hello.

This little guy made an appearance at some point.
To me there is just something extremely funny about the way pheasants run.

Even horses blink when their picture is taken.

As always, stables need to have some cats around too, to keep the mice at bay. Cats are usually good friends with horses, it seems.

This little one is deaf and not as trusting as the little fella below:

A little purring machine!

And that’s it. I would’ve taken a few more pics but the batteries died. Maybe next time 🙂

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