Tuesday the 19th of July 2011

July 19, 2011

Today’s outfit was pulled together in 5 minutes, so please excuse any incongruities. It all went downhill when I was trying to find a pair of see-through tights and managed to rip 3 of them… don’t ask how, I am sure they must have had holes in them that I didn’t realize. I won’t be wasting any more time with those, that is certain, as they are now in the bin for good.
The colour on the pictures today is a bit weird, due to the grey end of the day light outside. So much for the English Summer. (the English what? I’m certain I heard a bit of thundering outside… Nevermind…)

So this is what I wore to the office today. It is kinda “officy” in the way, kinda secretarial, if it wasn’t for the funky colours. I’d say one can never go wrong with a pencil skirt anyway. 

So here is the breakdown:

Headband– H&M
Specs- Gok Wan for Specsavers
Shirt – Zara
Cardigan – Stradivarius, but got it from a friend.
Skirt– H&M
Fishnets – I have no recollection.
Shoes– Irregular Choice
Ring– A lovely silver ring my good friend Robert got for me in Kosovo years ago.

I haven’t worn a pair of fishnets in years. It was one of those moments of despair when nothing else seems to work (remember the 3 pairs of tights getting ripped up) and I just grabbed them. It turned out ok in the end, I think. Nothing like a bit of danger and surprise to spice things up and it also goes for putting outfits together, I suppose. 

My hand kinda is in the way but the buttons are really sweet, they’re heart shaped. The shirt has a hat and parasol pattern.

So after all it was a nice day. Had a one hour massage on my lunch break, picked up some stuff from ebay, including a pair of Irregular Choice boots I snagged for £16.00 in total (not bad at all) and had a drink with a friend at the pub before coming home. I’ll take a picture of the boots to share them soon, as the packaging is absolutely cute and I really like all the details.

Tomorrow will be going to the movies to watch the last instalment of Harry Potter. I am not a huge Harry Potter fan, never read the books either, but I do find the films enjoyable. Nothing like a bit of well designed fantasy every now and then to stimulate the imagination. I’ll see what this one’s like tomorrow.

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