Wednesday the 20th of July 2011

July 20, 2011
Another day, another dollar.. I mean, pound. £££££££
Another outfit to go to work. Today I decided I wanted to be colourful. So, I was. I do what I want, you see?

I took this in a hurry, look at how frumpy I look! At least I got my housemate Iain to take the picture and so there is a different view of the garden. Saves me from fidgeting around with the camera and running back and forth with the self timer. And I smile. I’m unable to smile at the camera when there is no one on the other side of it. 
Necklace: from the flea market in Lisbon.
Dress: Kimchi Blue at Urban Outfitters. I got it in New York on my trip there in 2009. 
Tshirt and tights: H&M
Black cardigan with little white bows: Primark
Shoes: Zara
Ring: Past Times
 I am not sure of when it is from but my guess would be that it is no more recent than the 80’s. I remember that I got it with a friend, who got the same thing but with a different colour combination. I call it my Carmen Miranda necklace and I’ve had it for years, but only today it made its way out of the house, around my neck. It’s so ridiculous one has to be in the right frame of mind to wear it.

I’ve had this rune ring since I was 17 and it was a present from my late Mother. I don’t remember all the exact meanings but it’s supposed to be a good luck and fruitfulness charm.
I’ve had this pair of shoes for years. I normally don’t like pointy shoes all that much, but I like how exaggerated they actually are. And I do have a penchant for red shiny shoes. I have also taken to combining red and magenta/hot pink recently. Although some people might have a problem with the combination, I do like it!
Bonus: a new flower in the garden. 
Right, I’m off to see Harry Potter in 3D!

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