A not so lazy Sunday.

July 25, 2011
Parakeets on top of a long boat in the canal. There were even some plans and vases on top of it, as people live in these long boats.
The Castle Rock. Nottingham Castle is built over rock and as it can be seen, there are several galleries excavated on it.
Including this Inn. It is said, as pictured, that it is the oldest Inn in England. It is also said that the name comes from the fact that the Knights gathered here before leaving for the Crusades in the Holy Land.
One of the oldest standing buildings in the city. I forget the date on the sign.
Tourists queuing to take pictures with Robin Hood. I didn’t do that yesterday as I’ve done it before (it’s mandatory by law, hehe)
This is the window of Joe’s Store. It is indeed a store full of cool, with Tintin t-shirts, Cambridge Satchel Company bags and many other delightful goods.
We then arrived at the Riviera, which was our destination. The Riviera is a pile of sand in the middle of the Market Square, emulating a beach, with some seaside resort inspired amusements around it.
Almost bought an inflatable Hello Kitty at this stall, but thought better of it.
Slush puppies!!!
It was a warm day, so some kids played around in the fountain area.
City Hall, right on the Market Square.
I like the little dragon gargoyle detail on this building.
We headed back to the Castle area, to sit at the park but it was closing down.
Ended up by the canal having drinks and soaking up the last of the sun. Who knows when it is showing it’s face again!
My friend Carl stuck this to my back, as if I wouldn’t notice!
(taken at the train station)

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