A walk around the countryside

August 21, 2011
Yesterday Mr D. and I went out for a walk around Great Gonerby. The sun was shining and it was a nice experience.
Headscarf – New Look
Cardigan– Zara
T-shirt – band merch for Pulled Apart by Horses
Skirt– H&M
Bag– Vintage
Saddle Shoes – via a friend.
The ring was a present from Mr D., who bought it at a designers market in Melbourne, Australia. 

A giant thistle? 
Just in case anyone gets lost and wants to go to Grantham…
An entrance to the graveyard.
Contemplating the photo
Taking the photo
The photo!

The roses were beautiful and looked a lot nicer in person.

Some dude just came out of nowhere and climbed the hill. I thought it looked nice, a lonely man in a hat silhouetted against the sky.

Freedom! It does make one feel like rolling down the hill but it´s probably not a good idea.


This is where we had dinner.

We stopped at the little graveyard on the way back, filled mostly with graves from the late 1800’s. 
It was a nice afternoon out. I like how everyone is nice and says hello when you are walking around the countryside.
Needless to say that all the pics of me were taken by Mr. D.

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