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August 26, 2011
Last Sunday was lovely. It was a Summer day, like all Summer days should be. Not too hot but still warm enough to bring out the sleeveless vests and get updated on your tan. 

Headband– Internaçionale
Top– Topshop
Shorts– H&M
Tights– New Look
Shoes– Zara
Sunglasses – Phard
Bag– French Connection (used to belong to a friend of mine)
Didn’t take all that many pictures for the rest of the week, until yesterday. Have been busy with too many things at the same time and will be busy for a couple of weeks more, with the house move and everything.
Yesterday we went out for a meal at one of the Chinese restaurants in town with a friend from Lisbon, that was flying back today.
Headband– Internaçionale
Pleather Jacket– H&M
Heart Charm– Internaçionale
Dress– H&M
Shoes – Fly 
Ring– Birthday present from my team mates at work 🙂
The lovely ring I got from my team at work. It’s quite suitable given the amount of hours spent playing Scrabble online!
I will post the rest of my presents tomorrow or so, after my actual birthday 🙂 

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