Viva Skeg Vegas!

October 4, 2011
The weather was scorchio this weekend, and I had never seen the British seaside, so my friend David and I decided to go and see what the beach in the UK looks like. So we hopped on the train and went to Skegness. As another friend rightly pointed out. it’s where Adrian Mole and his family went to on holiday (remember the Adrian Mole diaries?)
Everything I had heard about it was true: tacky, fish and chips shops and slot machines everywhere and full of people on a summery day. It is the place where a lot of people go for stag and hen parties and to gamble (hence the Skeg Vegas). 
It is barely noticeable on the photos but the ocean line view had a lot of eolic energy turbine rotors, that seemed to be floating in mid air due to the mist over the ocean.
It was extremely hot that day, hotter than most summer and in some aspects it seemed like we were back home in Portugal!
The wrought iron on the promenade is edelweiss shaped, how odd! Wouldn’t expect to see it near the beach.
Some of the buildings on some street had these decorations, it was one of the few interesting looking things there.
Cute butterfly at the garden.
Right outside the garden we bumped into this oddity: I had never seen a building called the Masonic Hall anywhere. 
I was doing a little research on the internet and there isn’t much information available, not that I can find it at least. It seems that the building was home to the Essendon School. which moved to Scotland, an auction was held on the 8th of August 1918 to sell all the materials: desks, music cabinets, etc.
The building is now home to the Masonic Benevolent Fund which is some charity.
A terracotta detail on the side of the building.
Steps that lead nowhere. I am assuming the building is now smaller than it used to be and that part of it may have been demolished to make space for the car park advertised on the sign above.
A local on his bike.
After a visit to Roy’s record shop (no photo taken sorry) we got peckish had to stop for the typical meal to be had on the seaside: fish and chips. I had mine with a serving of mushy peas. yum yum.
After our bellies were full I broke my promise of not buying anything: this place right in front of where we were sitting was closing down for the season and were trying to clear as much stock as they could. They had knitwear leftovers from a lot of high street brands like Zara, Topshop, H&M, to name only a few. The best find was a white turtle neck cashmere sweater that cost the prohibitive price of £2. It’s from some scottish brand I don’t know and it is soooo soft!
We still had a couple of hours to burn before our train back so we had a bit more of a walk around and sat down at the garden for a bit reading magazines. I proceeded to take photos of my sandals out of boredom.
Had a really nice day out in the end.

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