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A visit to the Victoria and Albert Museum – London

October 10, 2011
The Victoria and Albert Museum (or V&A) features an amazing collection of Art and Design and it was named after Queen Victoria and Prince Albert.
We only had a couple of hours to visit it and tried to cram as much galleries as possible into the short time we had. We were also very lucky that we visited while the London Design Festival was on, for that reason  there were a few extras to be seen, that are not part of the usual exhibition.
I didn’t memorize the name of the designer, but I really liked the combination of traditional and modern on this beautiful laser cut MDF chair.
Barbara Kruger style shopping bag. 
One of the iconic Katherine Hamnet slogan t-shirts of the 80’s.
Vivienne Westwood platforms. They were beautiful and the photo doesn’t do it justice. It’s too bad that there never is enough light in these places to take decent photos.
Several objects, including a paper dress, popular in the 60’s.
The Walkers crisp packet bag I don’t remember who made it, but the middle one is Moschino and the one on the right is Lulu Guiness.
A beautiful tiny pocket portrait of Georgiana Cavendish, Duchess of Devonshire. Whoever has seen the film The Duchess starring Keira Knightley will know who I am talking about. If you haven’t seen it, please do, it is quite good.
 I don’t remember this lady’s name but I also liked the artistry of the tiny portrait. Mind you that the original objects are smaller than the actual image you see on the screen.
A not so good photo of a great costume. I looked at it and thought, I’d totally wear that. I just don’t remember what it was made for, but I found it at the theatrical costume gallery.
This Valkyrie costume seems quite amusing.
A mosaic detail of the floor.
And the last one I snapped on the way out. Namasté!

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