October 31, 2011
Lovely wall art in town. (I’m being sarcastic, by the way).
Turban– Lomography shop in Lisbon
Cardigan– H&M
Tshirt – Tezenis
Scarf– El Corte Ingles
Moustache brooch- V&A Museum shop
Skirt – Primark
Tights– Primark
Shoes– Springfield
I bought this really amusing brooch in my visit to the V&A Museum. The shop has amazing stuff there, it is definitely worth having a look.
I got this skirt because it reminded me of chinoiserie. Not that it does look particularly Asian, but it take me back to old patterns and fabrics found in old ladies’ houses, of that style.
Meet Gerald, the Muscovy duck that has now decided to live in the parking lot behind our building.
Hope everyone is having a wonderful day!

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