See you later alligator

July 18, 2012
Here are the photos of the day we spent visiting the Everglades National Park in Florida, the day I saw an alligator eye to eye!
As soon as we got in it was promising, as we saw this sign.

We drove on and got to an area where we were supposed to find alligators.  We were walking around and could hear them ‘growl’ but couldn’t see them. We saw all sorts of plants and beautiful watery landscapes, but no alligators and we felt disappointed. Well, be careful with what you wish for.

At some point we reached a point on the walkway and looked to our side and saw this:

Me: OMG look how big he is!
Mr D: It’s not real, it’s not moving! Looks like a model!
Me: Are you sure? I mean, look at the little fingernails and all that.
Mr D: Nah, it’s a model, look at the tail (points at parts of the tail that were ‘broken and had white flesh showing, it kinda looked like fiberglass)
Me: Uuuhh, E., your model just blinked. 
So we saw a couple more under the trees in that area and moving ones this time, there was no doubt they were for real. We the decided to get back to the car and saw this:
We caught this guy in the middle of his lunch (his mouth is open as he has a turtle in it) Basically we stumbled into him right after he got out of the water to eat its prey. We stared at it for a while, it stared back and started growling a little, probably to let us know that he wanted to carry on eating in peace. So we left it alone and carried on walking back to the car. As soon as we took a couple of steps we heard this crunching sound, like the sound you make when you eat your crisps – we turned back to see what was going on and he was gobbling down the turtle. Then it went back into the water and it was gone. We were happy it didn’t decide to chase us as there was absolutely no barriers between us and them. (Fact of the day: did you know that if you are running from an alligator or a crocodile you have to run in a zig zag and not a straight line? That way it won’t be able to see you properly and it won’t catch you).

You can see here how close we were to it.
We then went on to explore other areas of the Park but had to run away from here as I was nearly eaten alive by mosquitoes. Note to self: never go to Florida again without a canister of mosquito repellent. 

What I wore
Sunglasses – Moschino
Dress – Reko, from Mod Dolly
Head band – New Look
Flats – Bershka

There are many species of birds in the Everglades National Park, particularly crows and vultures.

You can find plenty of quiet corners in the park. It is such a big area and with very different ecosystems. Truly fascinating.

I didn’t get to see the puma for real but found this statue in the Visitor Centre. This was a really good day, one that I will never forget – you don’t get to stumble into alligators all the time, do you?

What was the most dangerous animal you have ever encountered?

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  • Reply Diana Teodoro July 18, 2012 at 10:47

    Que medo! Não era capaz de estar tão perto de um crocodilo. É que eu corro muito devagar.
    Mas pronto agora já sei que tenho de ir aos zig-zags. Obrigada pela dica!;)
    Diana do http://thegirlwhocouldntbeafashionista.blogspot.ie/

  • Reply Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] July 18, 2012 at 11:48

    Gaaaah, too close for comfort! I saw crocodiles in Cuba and was pretty dubious about how close they might get. I am definitely noting down the 'run in a zigzag line' in my big book of potential life saving facts!

  • Reply Vix July 18, 2012 at 14:17

    That is too close for comfort! we went to a reptile zoo in Madras and even behind a fence they are scary critters!
    You look fab as ever and yes, a Saturday's great by me (although I'm booked up for the next few weeks!) xxx

  • Reply AimeeSowa July 18, 2012 at 20:41

    Wonderful Pictures and a Great Blog!

  • Reply Andrea Deal July 21, 2012 at 12:52

    Wow! What an experience! I LOVE your grasshopper shot- amazing! What beautiful colours! I may have to draw him one of these weeks. And of course you look darling in that little dress! ?

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