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December 9, 2012

After a very tiring weekend in Lisbon (i was only there for a day and a half but still managed to cram a lot of things into that time) I came back to find that there was something wrong with the internet service in the area and it was down until Thursday. Hence the lack of posts. Anyway, normal posting activity will resume during the week, with some photos of my trip to Lisbon and other bits and bobs.

It’s been a fairly busy week I had the first Christmas party of the season on Thursday and had an end of the year presentation at work- I won 2 awards for good consistent results. It was nice to see that good and hard work doesn’t go unnoticed. If only I could be doing something I enjoyed more!

I have also been busy with Christmas shopping. I’ve been very good this year and I’ve got most of the presents already. Have you done your Christmas shopping yet?

Some frosty morning. There was a bit of snow one morning but it quickly turned into rain.


Some tapestry at the Lisbon airport.

I got this ring at the airport. I thought it was so cute. It’s the Barcelos cockerel, one of the most recognizable symbols of Portugal. No, ‘t not Nando’s (they just stole it!). It originated in a legend and you can read it here.

 They had a collection of traditional Portuguese guitars at the airport, that had been decorated by several Portuguese artists.

 I was drawn to this one, only to find that it was made by a friend, Sara Maia. what a coincidence!

I was given an Advent calendar at work. They know me and what I like very well!

The weekend was so tiring I had to treat myself to a hot bath with bath salts. It was lovely, I should do it more often.

I was walking past this corridor in the main office and had this creepy vision…  Legless Santa by the photocopier. WTF?

What I wore to the Christmas party I attended on Thursday – Dress from H&M, Shoes from Office both via Ebay, grey tights from Primark.

Yesterday i got a surprise through the post – a lovely beaded beret and a deer postcard from my lovely friend Lali, and it came all the way from Belgium! Thank you ever so much 🙂


I’ve been eating Japanese confectionery. It is not only delicious but the packaging is brilliant- some of them even resemble origami pieces. I like how even little sweets can be an aesthetic experience

Hope you are having a good month of December!

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