Ringling Circus Museum

January 9, 2013

As planned months in advance, I visited the Ringling Circus Museum in Sarasota Florida and oh boy was I happy. It’s amazing to see the old circus parade cars and transport wagons up close and even better than that, the sequined garments! I was drooling non stop, it must be said. If you ever find yourself around those parts I definitely recommend a visit. There is plenty to see, not only the Circus museum but also an extensive art gallery (saw a Veronese temporary exhibition, as well as the permanent collection, no photos allowed though), the house the proprietors used to live in and an amazing garden. Photos of those later!

The parade cars were usually the first thing people saw of the circus. The parades would go through towns, to captivate people’s interest in seeing the show later.

There was a big selection of posters on display.

Ta dah!

An elephant cape (?)

Human Cannonball costume


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