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February 17, 2013

As you are seeing this I am living la vida loca in London. Or probably just sleeping, after a night out seeing the Cooling Pearls play live (remember Aiden’s interview? yes, that’s his band). Because I don’t want to disappoint my readers (or get behind on my publishing schedule) I left this post ready on Friday, for your lazy Sunday enjoyment! So, without any further blabbering, here’s my silly week in photos!

 Preparing for the collaboration post with Andrea of Teetoo!

I just love the crazy rainbow shoes. From the Office outlet on Ebay.

He’s hiding on the garden! I’ve been here for over two years and I’d never seen him before!

 We had a bit of snow again this week. Twice.

I took this from the car, on my way to work.

I am currently enjoying shoes that add inches to my hobbit like height. From Office.

Snowy path.

This just reminded me of this beautiful song.


Total 90’s revival. Or like some people said ‘Spice Girls!’.

How was your Valentine’s Day? I started by having a pink cake from my boss at work…

Drew this little couple on my ‘Doodle a Day’ book…

Went out for a curry and a lot of giggles with the Portuguese girls…

And we had a heart shaped dessert, courtesy of the restaurant!

Old Hillbilly style garage near the office in the village.

The sun appeared, a little timidly.


Hope you have a lovely and relaxing Sunday!

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