Missing friends

March 4, 2013

You know when you look at older photos and they make you feel sad? It happened with this lot that were taken last Fall on a great day out with my friends Lourdes and Iryna. This is because Lourdes is no longer living here and went back to Spain. I hope she comes for a visit soon and finds a job close by as I miss her a lot! In the morning Lourdes and I visited the car boot sale and saw Iryna in Radcliffe-on- Trent before heading out to Nottingham for some more fun.

I had never been there before and it was a very nice walk out, although the sun was out it was already getting chilly. I wish the sun came back soon!

Details: Furry Vest – Primark; Bag -Rough Trade Records (both also worn here); Denim jacket  – Blanco, got it on a swap with Lili (also worn here); Dress – inherited from my great aunt Irene, she was a seamstress and this was handmade by her. Boots – Justins, from a vintage shop in Brighton (also worn here), Sunglasses – Phard via TK Maxx (worn too many times to be linked already) Apple Ring – Accessorize (it was a present from my team from when I got back from NYC married, back in 2010).

We had a bit of a giggle with these flowers. They were all over and they were not only interesting looking but also had these weird seed pods that popped and made us scream in surprise. We decided they are alien flowers.

That’s the river Trent.

I’m liking this peasant look, it’s pretty comfy and nice.

We also walked around a garden, where a lot of colourful flowers could be found.

Iryna and I taking in the sun, photo taken by Lourdes.

This was such a nice day, I hope we can have many more together!

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