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March 3, 2013

Hello from Brussels!!

Here’s the highlights of the week so far, and some of the photos from this weekend’s trip. I’ve taken a few and I’ll leave some for next weekend. Life in G-town isn’t so exciting that I’ll take loads of photos in a week. By the time you actually read this I’ll be visiting the Brussels Vintage Fair. I’ll tell you guys all about it!

The tutu style skirt I got from Parker’s Vintage.

I got some vegetarian haggis.

Colourful cake by Becca.

It’s still freezing. Wearing my DM shoes and some skull leggings for warmth.

A cheeky glass of wine.

I rode on the James Bond train to King’s Cross.

St Pancras Eurostar waiting lounge. I was waiting.

I burned my tongue on this. When it cooled off and my taste buds recovered, I discovered it was actually pretty tasteless.

Getting settled in the Eurostar train. It was my first time, very exciting!

Right after emerging in France! Yes, the windows were filthy.

Bonjour Bruxelles!

Where all the magic happens – the European Parliament.

Checking my make up on the train to Brugge.

I borrowed the bug necklace from my friend Eulalia for the day!

Funky stuff.

 Naughty stuff


Having a very hot chocolate – with chilli

Hot chocolate with chilli and marshmallows

I need more cat cushions in my life.

Easter chocolate! Belgium really is the land of chocolate.

Chocolate bunnehs

Ice cream signage.


More chocolate!

Are you sick of chocolate yet? Lol

Road signage.

Bride, communion… Strange nonetheless.

I hope you are having a nice weekend, I’m going back home tomorrow.

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