The Tattoo Files – Lynsay Neil of Miss West End Girl

June 13, 2014


Name: Lynsay Neil,  Age: 28, Location: Glasgow

What was your first tattoo and how old were you when you got it?

My first tattoo was my stocking seams, which run right up the backs of both legs, topped with bows! I got them when I was 18 or 19 and dazzled by the world of burlesque and 1950s glamour – I still am!


Do you have a favourite tattoo artist you go to?

Well, I’ve actually only ever had my tattoos done by the same artist up to now, so that’s difficult to answer! I do believe that selecting the right artist is crucial part of the process – finding someone talented that you trust and that ‘gets’ you and your personal style. That and a kick-ass idea that you adore are the keys to tattoo magic! All of my tattoos (so far) have been by Kevin Younger of Lucky Cat Tattoo. But there are so many talented artists out there now, it’s really an exciting time for tattoo culture.


Which one of your tattoos is a favourite?

This is always a tough question! My stocking seams always get the most comments from others, especially in the summer! My favourite changes every time that I’m asked! I love anything that is cute, bright and colourful – so seeing my smiling sugar skull, cupcake and waving Maneki Neko on my arms always makes me happy!

What were your parents reactions when you started decorating yourself?

I’m lucky to have a great relationship with my parents and before I got tattooed for the first time we talked about it (I still lived at home at the time) and there was no shouting or anything like that – it was all very civilised! I waited until I was legally allowed to get tattooed and was determined to go to the best artist in my city. I think because I didn’t do anything rash they respected that. Several tattoos later they are still totally cool with it.


Do you want more art?

Yes, definitely!

What are your plans?

I’d love to get something that ties in with my love for vintage Florida – something with a palm tree and/ or flamingo I reckon!

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Thank you Lynsay! You can find her wonderful blog over at Miss West End Girl. Go on, pay her a visit!

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    Gorgeous tattoos, I love the cupcake one she has on her arm, so cue!! Super interview doll, enjoyed it. Happy Friday the 13th ;-))) x

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    Her tats are so lovely!

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