What is the future of your skin? Dermalogica will tell you.

March 25, 2015

Getting older means taking extra care of your skin but sometimes it is hard to know if you’re doing it right, isn’t it? Last week I was invited to a very special event at Dermalogica, where I learned a lot! Curious? You should be, I learned some very interesting things about my skin and my future!

The event was organised by occasion of a few new products that Dermalogica just launched that promise to brighten up the future of our faces!


I spoke to Lucy who was kind enough to show me the new products from the Powerbright TRx range in detail and try them on my hand. This range has been formulated specifically to brighten skin, targeting hyperpigmentation caused by age, hormones, stress and compounded UV damage.


To find out the extent of any damage and the general condition of my skin I put my head into this black light box, where every single little issue will become very apparent.

PicMonkey Collage

As you can see, I was looking a little bit apprehensive but in the end all was good – I don’t have any real damage, just a couple of freckles on my nose, a need to exfoliate a bit more (no news there, really) and the need to moisturise around the eyes a bit more. Other than that, my skin seems to be in good condition. That kind of made me happy because sometimes I just put stuff on and hope for the best, so this means I’m doing something right!


The other star of the night was the Redness Relief Primer SPF 20, which is a sheer tint facial primer to neutralise any redness that can be caused by sensitivity, rosacea or inflammation. I’ve tried something like this before but wasn’t entirely satisfied as it didn’t spread all that thinly on my face.

If you think that talking about skincare products was all we did that night, then you’re wrong. The surprise of the night was that, in tune with the future theme, there were two ladies reading our fortune on the tarot cards. I always love these things so I had to get in line to find out what the cards had in store for me. I spoke to Sheila who was really nice and laid down the cards for me. I learned a few interesting things: I will be moving house over the next couple of years and that my soulmate is getting closer. All positive things in the end. You never know! what I know is that if I carry on doing the right thing when it comes to my skin, I can carry on feeling and looking younger for a little while longer.


C-12 Pure Bright Serum | Pure Light SPF 50 moisturiser | Pure Night nourishing overnight cream | Redness Relief Primer SPF 20

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