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Rise Above

July 31, 2014





I’ve been super busy lately, my family was visiting last week and we had a great time. I visited a couple of exhibitions that I’ll have to write about soon as well. My little sister Ines took the outfit photos – isn’t this the best top ever? It was a present from the lovely Rowena. Thank you, I owe you something equally as fabulous! For those not familiar, it’s a visual pun on the punk/hardcore band Black Flag’s logo.

Outfit details: Jacket – Next (via Ebay), Headscarf – Lisbon flea market, a lifetime ago, Skirt – Primark, Purple Heart Brooch – H&M, Bobby Socks – Primark, Pompom Sandals – Kt something whatever, Satchel Bag – Second hand, Sunglasses – Betsey Johnson


Share In Style – White

July 21, 2014

According to recent blog posts here on the blog, it would appear that I currently spend my life in cemeteries. It’s only half true – I still go to the one close to work almost every day.


That said, I ended up spending a couple of hours at another one of London’s Victorian cemeteries (Bromptom Cemetery) the other weekend. It’s quite big and overgrown. I took a few pics, of course. Do not think this was a gloomy day, because it wasn’t. It was sunny and the crickets could be heard all around.






this is what I wore on this particular day: vintage dress from ASOS Marketplace, Irregular Choice shoes and white bobby socks from Primark. Yes, that’s the only white thing about this outfit, but oh so important. (I’m adding this post to Mis Papelico’s Share-In-Style)





Share in Style – Denim

July 7, 2014


It’s Monday, time to go to work again and time to share my style, this once the theme being denim. I took these last week, at the local cemetery, where we go on our lunch breaks to relax for a while and eat our food. We go there because there are no parks around and it’s no disrespect at all, it’s quite common for cemeteries to be used as parks in England. It’s very peaceful (well, duh!) and it’s a good change from being in the office.





Outfit Details – Jacket – Tara Starlet (note the details – the  pocket is heart shaped. too cute), Dress – DKNY Jeans, Tights – H&M (maybe, I’ve had them for years, really), Shoes – Helius (shoesop in Lisbon), Bag – Vintage, Lisbon flea market, Headband – Delia’s, Bracelet – Matalan.


Join the Share-In-Style linkup and show us your denim!



London Calling!

June 9, 2014




It’s Monday, so time for an outfit post! I need to apologize to my fellow bloggers who have been kind enough to have been leaving comments on HTM… I’ve been a bad bad blogger and haven’t been returning them as much as I wanted. This has a reason though, as I have posted previously, I was looking for a job and then I found a job! (Yes, I am quoting the Smiths, haha). So between looking for work, gong down to London to do interviews and all that, I’ve been a busy bee! I will continue to be really busy for the next few weeks – right now I am looking for a place to live in London and will have to haul all my junk there… Wish me luck, as new and exciting things will be coming in the future!

As for what I wore: Jacket and Dress – both H&M, via Ebay, Cat Leggings and white socks – Primark (present from friends), Satchel – from a blog sale, Shoes – Office (via Ebay), Headband – Savers


The first bbq of the year

May 19, 2014

IMG_9270 copy

IMG_9262 copy

IMG_9228 copy

IMG_9239 copy

IMG_9220 copy

IMG_9218 copy

IMG_9278 copy

It seems that Summer is finally here and with that, the smell of barbecue can be felt all around. My friend Daniela invited us round and we had a lovely day just eating, sitting in the sun, playing with Sasha and not doing much else. Perfect!

Outfit details: Sunglasses – H&M, Top – George, I think, Skirt – Primark, Sandals – Irregular Choice (via Ebay).

The skirt, unbelievably, is from Primark. I think that it looks like a novelty 50’s skirt, with all those stamps and letters. The sandals are inspired by traditional Japanese geta shoes. They’re more comfortable than what they might look like and no, I didn’t fall over! I’m joining Patti’s Visible Monday! Edited to add: also shared at Tres Chich Fashion Thursday at Mama and More.

Have you started barbecue season yet?