An afternoon at Rutland Water

July 21, 2011
Today we had the afternoon off from working at our desks and were sent to Rutland Water, this area that has an artificial lake where a lot of aquatic activities can be enjoyed. It is also a protected area and has a large waterfowl population. There is more information about it here, in case anyone is curious. 
So, the activities to be done were various: kayaking, dragon boat racing, windsurfing, sailing and dinghying, but the weather was grey and wet and I contented myself with eating drinking and socializing. And of course, some pictures had to be taken. It is a known fact that I rarely go anywhere without taking at least one photo.
Mallards! There were many of them, mostly female, scattered around the edges of the lake.
Yours truly, matching the dinghy in the background. That wasn’t planned.
Sebastian took this picture.

Headband: Internaçionale
Earrings: some chinese shop in downtown Lisbon
Scarf: El Corte Inglès
Bag: Primark
Coat: Tintoretto
Dress: H&M
Shoes: Converse

My low top purple Converse All Star. I’ve had them for a few years now. I got them brand new with tags at a charity shop in Lisbon for 6 euros. Talk about a bargain!
Dragon boats.
A special thanks to David and Sebastian for patiently following me on my photographic endeavours in the area.

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