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July 22, 2011
Today I wore one of my favourite pairs of shoes.
I believe I have already mentioned my quasi obsession with red shoes, especially if they are sparkly.
They are just perfect: they’re pretty, they’re very feminine and super comfy! This is a combination not all shoes can be proud of.
As the shoes kind of steal the show, I decided to do a more muted down ensemble.
BraceletsRiver Island
Lacy SocksPrimark

Incidentally I think I haven’t worn these bracelets before. I bought them on the first time I went to Nottingham, after I moved to the UK. It’s been almost a year, oh dear oh dear, time just seems to fly. 
That was a very fun day, as I had the privilege of my friend Barbara’s company, as she was in the UK on holiday at the time and agreed to come and explore Notts with me. I fell in love with the bracelets as the motto on them is inspiring: ‘Follow No-One’ and ‘Look Amazing’.
Some people have stars in their eyes, I have them on my legs. True story.
Bonus: leg shot. Elmer Batters would approve.

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