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July 22, 2011

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As some people who know me for a while might be aware, I used to blog frequently over at Livejournal and was reasonably successful. Even though the blog was private, only a few people could read it, I had a nice group of people with whom it was fun to share clothes, feelings, art and my little adventures here and there. Some of them will most likely be reading this, as we have become friends and even met in real life. One of them, Stacey, was even the witness for my elopement in New York! Good times. (by the way, Stacey is now opening her own business in Philly, Era Atomica, which will be full of amazing retro and vintage goodies. I wish I was there to see it! It hasn’t opened yet, but make sure you stop by soon if you are in that neck of the woods).

For various reasons I had stopped blogging for a few years and now have decided to start doing it again. Why? Because I am a creative person and it is the perfect outlet to expand on it on a daily basis. A little bit here and a little bit there each day, after work, and it can be a haven after a day spent working a dull desk job. Also I feel that by it becoming a bit of an obligation, it makes me get off my derriére and not let the days go by without doing something even if only remotely creative or stimulating.
I would like in time to add on to it art and illustration as well as other crafts, as it is also something I enjoy doing. We’ll see how that goes, suggestions are also welcome.

As for the outfits, I have to say that I am not a fashionable person. Meaning with this that I am not an avid follower of fashion. I know a few things here and there, buy a few magazines when the photos are pretty, but I don’t blindly follow the season’s trends. I like pretty things, doesn’t matter if it is from last season or the last century (Many will know that I do enjoy my vintage dresses and old junk in general). Putting on an outfit in the morning is a ritual that I very much enjoy and is the daily expression of my creativity. It sort of keeps me sane. Sharing this with other people is also fun, as a lot of the things I wear and own will have a little story or memory associated. I also enjoy a bit of theatricals, I love having themed outfits, it just adds to the fun! So, for all these reasons I suppose that they might be interesting enough to be shared.

So, I hope that everyone visiting this page enjoys my shenanigans and has fun, as that is the reason why this page has been created.

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